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Demon Eyes




     It was Sunday morning and Pastor was ready to deliver the sermon. The congregation was small but the Spirit was very much alive in this church. There was a couple who had been coming for quite some time now and the Pastor loved them both very much. The husband was always very willing to to help and when it came time to praise the Lord he was the first one to raise his hands up to God. His gentle soul was promising as every one watched him worship with what seemed to be a sincerity one would admire. The Pastor was a loving gentle soul and was on fire for God. The preaching was quite invigorating as it would surely motivate any one who would be listening. The Spirit of God was alive as one would say in this small church of believers. There was one thing that troubled the Pastor when she would look at this one particular man. He would look at her and there was something just not right about his eyes. His actions showed sincerity but the eyes had a glare that the Pastor could not accept. What was it all about? How could this man worship the Lord and act one way and yet his eyes stared as if there was something else there. The love that the Pastor had for this person and the hope of him becoming a man of God that the Lord could use was the goal of the Pastor. The discernment that the Pastor was feeling just did not make any sense by the way the man seemed to praise the Lord. Time went on and the man began to say he felt like Christ and how he wanted to be like Jesus. His hands went up to praise the Lord but his eyes looked down when you would look at him in his face. Every one knew he was shy and he was accepted for who he was. Time went on and his eyes never lost that glare and the feeling when you looked at him that something was wrong. In every ones love for him nobody saw through the insincerity that was actually going on. The Pastor was deceived too because she could only see his outward manifestation of what he was doing and did not listen to what the Spirit was actually telling her. Love is very powerful but we must see beyond our feelings at times and this was one of those times. The Pastor then had a dream with this mans wife in it. The husband was not exactly in the dream but there was a man who was pretending to be Jesus. In the dream the Holy Spirit told her to look at his eyes and see he was not Jesus. It was hard for everyone to see that the man in the dream was not Jesus because he acted so loving. When she looked into his eyes she then saw the truth and could see the demon. She rebuked the demon in the dream and the mans face changed from being human into what looked like a demon. She woke up and did not really know what the dream was trying to show her at the time but a few months later it was found out that the couple had joined a cult and were pretending to be these Christians. He was just following what every one else in the church was doing without feeling anything. There was no true sincerity at all and he was being motivated by demons to come and destroy what God was doing. The Pastor realized that the dream was about him and learned to be very careful when loving people. Pastor knew that the bible tells us the eyes reflect what is in a person's soul. If she had followed the discernment she was receiving from God she would have looked beyond her Christian love for this man and saw clearly that demons were playing games with him and with the church. Be not deceived by the wolves in sheep clothing that will come in and try to destroy the works of the Lord. Pastor was very hurt by this betrayal. The Holy Spirit will lead us to the truth. This is a true story! Something to think about for sure!

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