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Love or Lust



This subject is one we tend to avoid. The only reason I am writing about it is because we have been so deceived in this area that we are missing the true blessing of love. I am sure most of us know that love comes from God and lust comes from evil. Lust comes from our own evil desires and not just the devil. It would be great if we could pin everything on the devil so we could sail free from blame but the fact is we have choices. The choices we make are our own decisions. Can we be influenced by evil? Yes we can. What is the difference? The word lust taken from the dictionary means sexual desire. A longing desire usually in the bad sense. What would be the bad sense? God in His righteousness determines what is wrong and what will emotionally mess us up if we go there. There are many perverted ways to arouse the body and none of them are driven by love at all. Let us see what love means. Love as described from the dictionary is a strong personal attachment to someone. Tender and passionate affection for one of the opposite sex. The key here is affection. What does that mean? It is a settled good will,love, the state of having ones feelings affected. To be attached to someone. We have the meaning to both words. Lust is an overwhelming urge to have sex with someone without any emotional attachment whatsoever. The end result is the pure satisfaction of the flesh. Feelings really play no part in this. It is pure self gratification without regards to the other persons feelings. Once the act is finished they have no problem going their own merry way. Love requires some sort of bond between the two people because they care about one another. Feelings surface and both people desire more than just the sexual fulfillment. Our connection to God puts a desire in our heart to find true love. We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are. Our souls need the connection with one another and that is where we miss it most of the time. We as human beings in our sexual state of mind focus on the body usually before we ever think of the soul. We perform the act and still feel empty most of the time because it never reached our emotions. The body reacted but the soul did not . Making love is not just physical it is more emotional than anything else. Without the true connection both will feel empty. Our souls will desire to find this fulfillment and that may create issues of infidelity. Without even realizing it your soul will search for love and will never be satisfied until it is found. We have to stop looking to our body as the part of us that controls but rather look to the soul that feels and should control the body. Animals allow the body to take control and perform sexual acts. We on the other hand should use our emotions to spark the love that comes from God. We move too quickly to fulfill the body and the soul is left hanging all the time. If you want to find true love God will show you the way He created it to be. If you are just in need of sex then you are lusting. If you desire to fall in love and be one with someone that is the right way to be. If you just want a quick fix to your lustful urges you are lusting and will be empty. If you follow your heart and desire to be friends and make a connection with the person you are then searching for true love. That can take time but when it is found it is most beautiful. We all feel good when someone from the opposite sex looks at us. We take it all in and feel we are being admired when in fact we are usually being looked at with lust. The person could care less about who you are. Is that what we really want? Men look at beautiful women with one thing in mind usually which is to get the women in bed with them so they can find pleasure. Women do the same thing. Our sexual desires can be so strong we get to the point we do not care how we get satisfaction we just want it. God never intended for us to go from person to person having sex. Sex is not love it is sex. Sex is the act between two people with or without love. Without love you will feel more empty than you did when you started. Why? Because the soul connection is needed to make love and find true satisfaction. Marriages end up having just sex after being together for years. It becomes the quick way to satisfy and the soul does not have to be affected by it. The romantic sharing of souls gets pushed aside because life becomes so busy. Do not allow life to take away the most important thing in your marriage which is the connection between your souls. As time goes on your marriage will become weak if you do not allow your souls to connect each time you have sex. Do not make your life with your husband just a sexual fulfillment without the true bonding of two souls. The oneness was created by God because He knew what was best for us. There is no power greater than love in this universe so make sure we notice the difference. If you are alone and feel the need to be with someone you have to go to God with your needs and remember that lust is not the answer. You may think it is for the moment in time but it will leave you empty on the inside. Lust just wants your body to get what it desires. Love wants your heart to be one with theirs so you can be one in the spirit. Lust will chew you up and throw you away. Love will never leave you even when you grow old. Lust will look at your body and want to do with it as it sees fit. It does not care what you feel or what you need. Love will take time to please you and make you feel very special as a human being. Lust will lie to you and tell you it cares just to get what it wants. Love will be truthful and share its heart with you. Lust will rip your soul out and not care just to get sexually satisfied and then walk away. Love will stick to you a become closer and closer as you both share your inner most being to each other. You need to see the difference. Be not deceived by outward appearances as it is not how we look on the outside that counts. It is how we act on the inside that becomes true love. Which would you prefer?

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