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                               From The Holy Spirit                                                             


     I am the Holy Spirit and I have something to say today to all those who love the Lord Jesus. I know you are looking at what is happening in this world right and you are wondering what will be next. I want to comfort your souls and allow you time to meditate on what I am speaking. Listen to my words of encouragement as you watch time pass by ever so quickly. Time moves forward and we sit and convince ourselves that we have all the time in the world to fulfill our dreams and desires. We focus on our lives as if we will live forever. We will live forever but not here and not the way you may think. My sole purpose at this time in history is to keep the body of Christ on their toes with the reality that their redemption draweth nigh. In other words keep looking up for the Lord will return. There is no time to delay in our following the Lord because we truly do not know when He will return. Only the Father knows for sure. Fear will come upon those who have slacked off of their commitment to Christ and have taken time to do their own thing. There is no such thing for the child of the Most High God. It is about accepting Jesus and then choosing to be a follower. Looking at this world will only keep you bound up by worldly desires and unfinished business that will ultimately destroy. The only purpose we all have is to obey and know that life eternal with God is what we all should desire. This life as we know it will break down and we will be lost if we have not kept our eyes on the lord. There is not one thing in this life that will keep you safe without God. God will take control over evil and it will be stopped. Where will you be when the flood hits? The flood is the coming of destruction and we need to be riding this storm on the wings of eagles with the power from me and the fire in your souls. I am convicting the sinner and convicting the Christian who has been luke warm. This is the one who has not been on fire for God but loves this life more than Jesus. This life will pass away as you know it. Where will we all be when the wrath of the Father comes down upon the earth? We need to be under the umbrella of the blood. The shedding of blood that Jesus did on the cross. The blood that covers you and will keep you safe in your soul. The power from above will lead you and keep you from fear. Perfect love casts out all fear and that is where you need to be. May I say this before ending. We, the Father, the Son and me the Holy Spirit love you and will never leave you. Keep the faith and watch because Jesus will return in the clouds with a sound that can not be denied and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. Not all will have believed but when He returns they will see Him for who He is. They will have missed it because they did not listen to sound doctrine and did not accept Jesus as their Lord. May the peace of our Lord fill your very souls. 

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