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Pool Delivery


    Tommy and Sue were invited to a swimming party at their friend’s house. The day was hot and sticky and the party could not have come at a better time. The children were looking forward to this day for a week and the excitement was more than they could stand. The day had finally arrived and they were all prepared to go. What happened next was very upsetting to the children because for some reason that was not explained to them the party was canceled. Their anticipation of the nice cool water in the pool to soothe the uncomfortable feeling of the scorching heat was now ended. Tears streamed down both of their eyes as the disappointment set it. Mom and Dad tried to console and give them hope that there would be other parties to go to. What seemed to be a rather trivial situation to the parents was extremely upsetting to the children. Mom and Dad prayed a simple prayer that night to help the children calm down over the disappointment. The next day came and the children were sitting outside once again in the heat of the day feeling upset that we did not have our own pool to get into and cool down. As they sat there a car pulled into the driveway and it was a friend of the family who had been driving by a pool store and just got this overwhelming urge to go in and buy a pool for them. That day a pool was brought to the house and the children’s eyes lit up in amazement. You never know in life how situations will work out. Have a little faith and trust because you never know. This is a true story. Think about it! Have a great day!

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