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A Hole In One



     Raymond Smith was known as the senior golf champ at the Country club where he lived. He was considered the perfect gentleman and every one loved him. After living there for so many years he was pretty much known by all who lived there. His golf experiences were well documented by all. He was the man to beat on the golf course and nobody could. Golf truly was the love of his life. He really was a gentle soul and never looked to put any one down or create an argument. He was admired by all and he was the man to look up to as the example to follow. From what people could see they really could not point out anything to talk about accept the fact that he was a great person to have as a friend. In all this there was one major factor that not too many people payed much attention to. Raymond did not believe in anything. Let me make that more clear. Raymond did not have faith in God. He lived his life doing what is right but never acknowledged that there was a God. It was not that he would reject God he just would not even talk about God. He avoided the conversation like the plaque. Nobody really knew why but they avoided all talk about God when they were near him. Some of the friends tried to convince him of the here after but they never got very far. He would politely tell them to change the subject. Raymond lived a good life and got to be 87 years old before he would have to face death. The after life was not really the subject of his comfort. When the time came for Raymond to finally leave this earth something tugged at his heart and he finally allowed the message of Jesus to come in. As a skeptic to the gospel he never really listened. When he sensed his time was near he realized the truth that there is only one way into heaven. He believed the report of those who told him because he trusted in their love for him. You see if you are a child of God and you are lost because you are not sure what to believe God will come and find you. He will lead you home even if it takes your entire life to get there. Raymond was a child of God because he was a loving kind man but just was never really taught the truth. He never really had the need to face God until death was at his door. God sent many Christians his way before he died so he would be able to see the truth. Golfers say a hole in one is the thing to achieve as a golfer. Raymond accomplished that more than once but was flawed with ignoring the real important win in life and that is accepting the sacrifice that Jesus made by dying on the cross for us sinners. Thank God the Lord does not give up on us because Raymond would have been considered the best golfer at the Country Club but would have missed walking on the streets of gold in heaven and spending eternity with his real Father, God. God loved Raymond enough to follow him his entire life and direct him to the real hole in one which is heaven. Think about it! This is a true story!

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