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Aug. 13th, 2015

     Do not go into panic mode over what is going on. God is much greater and we can trust Him with whatever may happen! Check out my face book page under Lois Vogel Sharp and I have a group called America Do you Remember One Nation Under God. send me  a request to join and you can join with all of us on it! God bless and have a great day! face book keeps me busy getting the word out in any way I can. God loves us! If you do not know Jesus it is time to accept Him and get to know Him as your Lord! 


April 8th. 2015

     I have been writing on face book but just want to say keep your eyes on Israel. Things are winding down and the clock is ticking for the return of Jesus! It may get rough as we go forward but it will be worth it all when our Lord returns. Hold on tight and keep your light shining in the Lord. The Holy Spirit is who we need now to guide us through. Life is all about Jesus not us! Get your eyes on Him and His reason for coming to get us. The Christians are blessed but we have to keep praying and remain humble before God. We must let go of our lives and give them to God and trust Him with all that we are. God bless and keep moving in the Lord!


Jan. 4th, 2014

     Today is my birthday! Want to say happy new year and keep looking up. God loves us very much! We may not feel it but it is true. Our lives depend on God so we might as well get used to living with the Holy Spirit! The guide and the comforter. Truth!


Dec. 30th, 2014

     This is the end of 2014 and we will be coming into a whole new year! What to expect is in the hands of our Lord! God is in control and we have to trust whatever happens to be all in the plan. Our lives as children of God are all predestined to become like Jesus so whatever it takes for that to happen will happen. It is all good and we can not forget that. We have two blood moons this year and a solar eclipse which has significant meaning with God and us. We will have to see what happens. In Sept. there is supposed to be a major issue going down if we have not humbled ourselves and prayed. Things are winding down for the anti Christ to come into play. He will be the hero at the start but will eventually stand and become prideful enough to claim to be God! Let our eyes be open now while we wait for all this to happen and be not deceived. We have to hold onto truth and do not waver from it. No matter what we go through we can not give up on our God and His love for us. Hold on for the ride may get rough but Jesus sits on His throne of Glory. He is the King of Glory which is the name of this ministry. Get excited for the King will be coming soon!


Dec. 15th, 2014

     Do we really believe God has our best interest at heart? Do we really know without a shadow of a doubt that He would never hurt us? I have realized that this life can not be taken personally. This battle is between God and satan and we are either on God's side or the devil's Our ignorance is no excuse either. Break the law out of ignorance and you will still pay for the crime. The knowledge of God is out there for all of us to hear and learn. If we choose to stay in the dark we will. We as the body of Christ, the church have to step up and see this with the eyes of the Spirit. He will lead us to all truth. What is the truth? God does love us and He did not create this messed up world. He will redeem our souls from destruction. The battle is still raging on planet earth as the evil one still has access to this world. What we go through down here will not compare to the glory that will shine through us. Was this God's intension? Not really but He did know and He did have it all planned out. We were created to be part of His army to live and reign with Him for eternity! Do not take this life and get offended by it. No matter what you are going through God will be with you and we will all get out of here. Until we do keep your eyes on the road to heaven and allow the Holy Spirit to direct you until Jesus comes back and sets us free! We will make it! Rejoice in the Loerd always for He is on the throne and He is King of Kings! 



     Love! Loving one another and God is a choice not just a feeling. You can not feel a thing and yet your actions can do what is needed to be loving. We are so caught up with feelings that we determine what we will do each day by them. That is not good because our feelings vary from day to day and if we just rely on what we feel we are in trouble. Why? The devil knows all about how we feel and he wil take this world and all the feelings we get from being upset down here and keep us bound up in sorrow and anger and depression ,etc. We are more than feelings. We are the children of the Most High God and whether we feel like it or not we choose to praise the Lord! Loving God does not mean you have to feel anything. It is great to feel joy and love but we do not have to feel these feelings to love. Get out of yourself today and see the difference when you just keep on going towards our destiny. Our destiny is to be like Jesus and be the true children of God Almighty. That really is good news and it should get us excited! If it does not you might not get it yet. Allow the Holy Spirit to move your soul and then you will feel Him. But if you do not keep on moving ahead and choose to love God and our fellow brothers and sisters. Have a great day!


Dec. 3rd, 2014

     Short and to the point today! God is our Father, He loves us, He is the authority we have to follow and He will fix this mess with the return of His Son, Jesus! We will not go to hell for eternity because He gave His only Son for us and if that is not worth praising God for eternity what else is? Stop looking at life as if this is all we have. We have eternity! Which place will you choose to live in? God bless! 


Dec. 2nd, 2014

     What a morning! Tried to get into the site but had issues. Finally can write something inspirational! Life has a way of busting our chops as I would aay. It tries to get us frustrated and angry. All the stupid little issues that pile up just can get to be impossible to handle. What to do about it? Nothing! Just stop and look He does know that it all will be fixed so He too waits with patience as it all plays out. We win! God knows all about our sufferings but He too knows they are not compared to the glory which will be revealed in us as we enter into His Kingdom. Wait with patience and keep praising the Lord no matter what! 


Dec. 1st, 2014

     The year is almost over and we are heading for some amazing spiritual things that are going to happen. The world is heading in the wrong direction but Christians are starting to step into the Kingdom of God. We are beginning to see the plan God has for this world and the plan He has for us. If we do not walk in God's Kingdom then we walk in the devils. There are only two Kingdoms that exist. If God is not your Father the devil is. This battle is about to excell and we have to stick together and help one another. Fear not because our God will see us through. Nothing can seperate us from the love of God in Jesus. No matter what you go through never forget God loves you. Hold onto that truth and never let it go. It is the only truth that will save us. If we reject God and Jesus because we are threatened by this world then we have sealed our fate. We either stay with the Lord or we walk away in fear or doubt. Hold on tight the ride may get a bit scary but we are children of the Most High God and never forget it. Have a great day! Keep praising the Lord! 


Nov. 29th, 2014

     Could not get into the site on Thanksgiving but did want to pray for all to have a blessed day! Hope you had a peaceful day in the Lord! Keep the focus on Jesus for He will assure us we are all alright! Remember Cjhristmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Gifts are nice biu the greatest gift is Jesus! Love Him today and everyday as we run around with our busy lives. God bless! God loves us! Do you love Him?


Nov. 26th, 2014

     With all the rushing around we do during the holidays let us not forget why we celebrate them. The true meaning of each holiday explains itself. Stop and be thankful for your life. Even if you hate your life the way it is does not mean that your life is meaningless. We are all spiritual beings in these bodies that have issues. Our spirits will leave these temporary house we are in and move into eternity. It is truth and when we get that we live differently than the world does. Our Father in heaven truly does love us and watches over us. What we may go through down here is not compared to what we end up with. Keep your eyes on the Lord and be truly thankful for what He has done for us. Have a blessed day! God loves you. Accept Jesus into your life for He did walk among men and rose from the dead. 


Nov. 25th, 2014

     I have to say this agaiin about worry! When we worry we are not trusting in our Father God to take care of us. As Christians if we do not trust in our Father we are up the creek without a paddle. God is all we have that we can trust in. We may or may not have a few friends down here that we feel we can trust but do we really? Can we really trust anyone? The bible tells us our own families will turn us in for being Christians. I think we need to start trusting in God for real. No more feeling like we are alone down here. We are being taken care of by the Most High God. We could not be in better hands than His. Rejoice today in the Lord for He is our King and God has everything under control! 


Nov. 24th, 2014

     We are as the children of God being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. We are learning to deny ourselves and God uses every thing we go through to accomplish it. Being selfish is not the bride we are going to be for our Lord. We will either go beyond rebellion and fall in love with Jesus or we will leave Him for another man. The other man would be the evil one who tries to seduce us into believing the lies of the world. There is only one truth. We either believe it or we do not. Jesus is the way the truth and the life and no man gets to the Father but by Him. That is because heaven is holy and we are not. Jesus is holy and His bride will be holy. We will become more like Him all the time and that is a good thing. Sin is death and Jesus set us free from sin. He is worth being in love with as He is the best husband any of could ever have. We have to stop thinking of our lives as the most important thing. Our lives without Him have no meaning at all. We live and we die. With Christ we live forever in heaven not hell. It is our choice to make so we need to really think about what is truth! 


Nov. 23rd, 2014

     Sunday! The day we go to church and praise the Lord! Do we understand what praising the Lord even means? It means realizing that Jesus is a King and He alone is worthy to be praised. Praise is giving adoration and thanks to someone who deserves it. Our God is awesome and He does deserve our worship. Jesus saved our souls from hell so He deserves our praise and thanksgiving. The Holy Spirit comforts our very being and leads us to all truth so He too deserves our thanks. This coming week is Thanksgiving so let us all truly be thankful to our Father God for all He has done and will continue to do!


Nov. 22nd, 2014

     Worry! It is a form of fear. What if this happens and what if that happens. It is a big hinderance in our relationship with God. It keeps our minds focussed on everything else but peace and joy. If we really trust God with our lives then why do we worry about anything? If we believe God is on our side and will see us through then we have to get a grip on this emotion and kick it to the curb. There is no reason to worry at all if we really believe God has it all under control. We have to know that God does use all things for our good and for His purpose. Fear not Jesus said " for I have overcome the world". Trust Him today!


Nov. 21st, 2014

     Most of us hate to wait. I'll tell you a truth about waiting. It is vital that all things play out according to God's plan. God has this world calculated down to the second. Each time God intervenes on our behalf it is all in the plan of things. The battle between good and evil will play out and we are all part of it. Being part of God's army all depends on how much you want to participate. God is grooming all of us but not all of us are even interested in God's plan. It is so exciting to see how God has put all of this together and how evil is trying to prevail. Good will ultimately win. When you see miracles happen and know that they are real you start to see that Jesus was real and the Holy Spirit is real. We either believe or we don't. The lives of the disciples did not peter out with Peter. We too have the abilities as they had if we allow the Holy Spirit to operate in us. Our love for God is necessary in order for us to look beyond our selfish needs and see this picture. God was betrayed by Lucifer and now we all play a part in the redeeming of this world. Every time we allow the Holy Spirit to do His bidding we are playing a part in this battle.  When I pray for someone and they receive healing I have just been used by God to take us one step closer to victory. It all has to fit into the timing that God knows is best. When we complain and get frustrated we have to stop and realize God knows what He is doing. Let us keep praising our God for His sacrifice in Jesus for our very souls and keep a watch with excitement for the return of our Lord! Jesus is coming sooner than we think! That is truth and the best news we could all hear!


Nov. 20th, 2014

     We are never to give up on God. We may wait for deliverance from situations and not understand why we are waiting and that is fine but do not give up. One way or the other we will be free from this life and the sorrows. Until we are free keep your eyes on the road and keep running the race. We have song called Keep Your Eyes On The Road because that is what we are supposed to do. Keep running in this race of life and run towards the prize. The prize is on the other side. Have a great day! 


Nov. 19th, 2014

     God has emotions just like we do. We were made in His image and likeness. The difference between us and God is that He always does what is right. He may feel sorry or lets say He is merciful but as a righteous judge He will always do the right thing. It will hurt His emotions when He has to tell people they can not come into the Kingdom. He can not accept sin in His kingdom so sin has to be eliminated before we can ever walk into heaven. That is why our lives depend on us believing in the sacrifice Jesus made for us. He not only took away our sins He made us able to stand before God free and clear without spot wrinkle or blemish. Without Jesus we are doomed. This is the very reason preachers are so on fire to tell people this truth. God can not allow us into heaven without Jesus. It is just the truth. It will break God's heart to see those whose pride stood in their way of receiving Christ. As a righteous judge He can not go back on His word. Accepting the sacrifice of Jesus does not giveus our free ticket into heaven either. Some believe we can do whatever we want and we get in. If we accept Jesus then we walk and follow Him and His truths. We do things His way rather than our way. It truly was joy to the world the Lord has come when Jesus was born. He was really born some time in Sept. but I feel as long as we have a day to celebrate His birth it is better than nothing. Think about our Lord while we come into Thanksgiving and Christmas! He thinks about us all the time! 


Nov. 18th, 2014

     Truth! I can not stress enough how important truth is for us as the children of God. We really have to know what is going on, especially from here on out because it is critical timing when it comes to the second coming of Jesus! The Father has the perfect time for His return. We have to be ready or we will not go with Him. As the bride of the Lord, which is the church, we have to know who we are. If the bride does not show up at the church to get married because she has fogotten she is the bride then she will not get married. It is the same for us. We have to show up for His return. We do that by waiting and watching and walking the walk in this life. The bride of Jesus should not be doing her own thing and being unfaithful to her groom. Look in the mirrror today and see who you really are. You are beautiful to God and He has chosen us to be the bride of Jesus. That makes us special in a humble way. Thank you Father for choosing us to be the bride and to be one of your children. All we need to know is this truth and God will do the rest to clean us up! Have a blessed day! Remember you are loved.


Nov. 17th, 2014

     Thank you Father for this day! We pray that we will all see you for who you truly are. You are Holy and you are love. May we all recognize that truth. I pray the children of God will learn to be in one mind and one accord with His will. May we all realize how important we are in His plan for the outcome of good verses evil. As the army of the Lord we are training for the final battle to take place. With the return of Christ we will be with Him us by His side. Either because we have died and left this planet or because we leave by the rapture. The rapture is not spoken of until the return of Jesus so we really need to be ready for what will take place before Jesus comes back. We can not be so complacent that we ignore what we may need to do. Our knowing the authority we have in Jesus is vital to our safety. Do not be passive with evil because it only makes evil stronger. If we do not take a stand against it, evil will keep on movinig forward and we will be kicked to the side. We do not run from evil either. We face it head on with the power of the Holy Spirit. If this sounds a bit too much just take a good look at this world and tell me there is no evil we are fighting. There sure is and we have to fight back not just accept it. God will have the victory because Jesus already beat the devil on the cross for us. We can walk with the Lord in this life because of it. Get motivated today about who you really are! 


Nov. 16th, 2014

     Look around and see the beauty in this life today! There are so many beautiful things that our God created that if we see Him for who He truly is we will never be the same again! Our Father God is so full of love and compassion for us we really have to see it. Why would we want to live a life without Him. I for one have accepted this truth and my life has been filled with joy inspite of how I may feel. I can now look beyond my issues and know that God has my back. Thank you Father for loving us so very much. Jesus, we owe you our very lives. May we never forget what you did for us and continue to praise you forever! Have a great day!


Nov. 15th, 2014

     How can we possibly be happy in this life when there are so many things to be sad about? That is a good question and there is only one answer that I know of. Instead of looking at all the terrible things we have gone through we need to get a focus on the good things that have happend and be thankful for them. We can all find something worth rejoicing over in our lives. That is what we need to do. We need to be truly thankful for the many blessings we do have. During this thanksgiving season let's start a new beginning for ourselves and start looking everyday for the blessings God gives us! It should be a daily thing we do rather than getting up each morning and dreading the day! I wake up each day with an excitement of what will happen in my life with God. It does not mean my day does not have its problems but my attitude is what determines how I go through my day. I either choose to be aggravated at my life or I can choose to be truly thankful for all God has done for me. God has given each of us life and that in itself is a blessing. Take the life He gave you and do something with it that has meaning to it. Just taking time to praise the Lord in spite of this life has true meaning because it touches the heart of God every time we acknowledge Him and His Majesty! Our God is an awesome God and He will eternally be our Father! Grab onto His love for you today and everyday and take one day at a time. He will see us all through! Until Jesus comes back may we all be blessed with joy and peace! Have a great day!


Nov. 14th, 2014

     A dusting of snow on the ground this morning. Looks like winter is coming. We are able to look at the seasons and tell by the signs. When it comes to looking at spiritual things we are so blind. We have to look all around and begin to see that Jesus according to His word is coming sooner than we think! The signs are all around us as evil is raising its ugly head more than ever in this world. The devil will have His day before he is bound up so we need to be ready. Our defenses can not be down. We need to know what is going on so we can be prepared for whatever is going to happen. Our love for God has to be sincere. Do we love the Lord with all that we are? Why is it so important for us to love Him so much. Love is not just a one way street. We do not like it when we show someone love and we get rejected. God is no different. This world has rejected God and His authority so it will suffer the consequences for it. Those who are on the side of God will be delivered from evil one way or the other. We either escape this life in the rapture or we will die and get out of here. We will all be with God if we have accepted His answer to salvation! Salvation is a gift but we have to open up the package in order to receive it! 


Nov. 13th, 2014

     Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and all thy strength.Without love for God we are so lost. He is really our Father and He is the one who rescues us. We have to keep our eyes on the one truth there is in this world. That is that God loves us. Never ever let that truth go. Without loving God this world becomes so meaningless that we can not take it. Knowing we will get out of here one day where we will  free wil keep us going. Having such love will give us the strength we need. We are not alone down here. We have the Holy Spirit so get to know Him too. Jesus is our Lord! The Holy Spirit is our comforter! Have a great day! 


Nov. 12th, 2014

     Who are we? We really are the children of God Almighty! We have strayed so far from that truth that we are floundering around in this life trying to figure it all out. Some of us go day to day and never even think about God. We have forgotten who we really are. We are so loved by God and all He wants is for us to allow Him to be part of our lives. He wants to protect us from harm and bless us. We are in a fallen world so things happen. We are in this battle between good and evil. Every one of us is in this battle and we can hide but we can not escape. The less we know the more danger we are in. If you can not see the enemy how can you know where he is lurking about? If we do not have any weapons how can we defend ourselves? We can't. That is why it is so vital that we understand. We are not just living these lives without purpose. This is not all one big blunder. This has been planned out precisley for victory for us! The enemy will lose this war. God took the upper hand for mankind when He sent His only Son to take our place on the cross. We were freed from sin but the war goes on until Christ returns again to take back this planet once and for all! This is truth and we have to stop getting such a focus on just this life rather than our spiritual lives. Your spiritual life is way more important than anything you may accomplish in this world. God will not let His children go down. We may think we are in trouble but there is always a way of escape. Maybe we are just not looking in the right direction. Victory comes with total surrender to God and then He raises us up as the Holy Spirit filled children who follow Him and defeat the works of the evil one. We are not supposed to just sit and watch life go by in our miserable emotions. See the truth and rejoice in the Lord! He is worthy to be praised. He is our God and our King and in humilty we bow down before Him! 


Nov. 11th, 2014

     Rejoice in the Lord today! That means find a feeling of joy and happiness in being able to magnify the Lords name. In other words see Jesus for who He really is, a King! Salvation is worth rejoicing over for the rest of eternity which we will spend with Him because of it! That is worth praising God for. Besides all the messes He gets us out of down here! Take your eyes off of your problems and see GOD! He is great! You are loved! That is worth rejoicing over! 







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