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Love Letters

From GOD

I Am the Holy Spirit


To My True Church,


There is so much to say and I need to tell you that there is not too much time left for me to accomplish my task. You may think this strange that I would write to you. You may not even think of me as a person but I assure you I Am. The Father, Jesus and I are one and we have known from the beginning how man was going to fall and how victory would have to be won by Jesus. I do want you, my church, to realize that we are still on the throne and in no way will the enemy stop the outcome. There has been much conflict in this war but the end result will be freedom for all the children of the Father. I am asking the true children to step up and acknowledge me so I can work through each and every one of you. You might not really understand that but I will explain so you can see clearly. I am the one who leads the children of God to all truth. I am the comforter who brings peace when all seems to be chaos. I have to reach all of the children of God with the truth before Jesus comes back. I need the army of the Lord to do this with me. I am a spirit so I can not operate in the world without a body. When you get baptized by me I empower you to do the works of the Father. All the power I have is activated when you use the name of Jesus. The reason for that is because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. He took your place because of your sin and defeated Satan by the shedding of His blood. It is His name that is above all names and enables the power to flow through you. Many children of God have not come into that truth yet so the army is still not as powerful as it needs to be. I am the one who is guiding each and every child of God to this truth. I start by inspiring your soul. I speak ever so gently into your being what is truth and then you realize what the truth actually is. My becoming one with you is the key to victory in your personal life and in the battle that is going on between good and evil. I give supernatural gifts to the body of Christ so they can come back at evil and stop it. All of what I am telling you is in the word of God. Evil will strive to remain in control until the end of the age. The end of the age signifies the time frame where the enemy was given access to this world. His power is limited but he will accomplish his goal as the anti Christ who will reign. We, the Trinity know all about this and we also know how he will be ultimately stopped. I want the body of Christ to take their rightful place as children of the Most High and act in accordance to His will and not your own. That does not mean your life will be miserable. Your life will excel once you surrender to the Father as He knows what is best for you. He knows your individuality and works with all your God given talents to bring about a peace that passes all understanding. You will have joy no matter what happens because you will know the real meaning to your existence. Are you ready church to enter into the true meaning of life? I will empower you and guide you into the Kingdom of God. That is where the true children need to be. If you are any other place than walking in the Kingdom of your Father then you are lost and need to be found. I will find you and lead you home. Have faith and trust in my love for you. I Am the Holy Spirit who loves you just as much as the Father and Jesus. I will write to you soon and keep showing you who I Am! Trust me!



The Holy Spirit


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