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The Truth - Part 1 

Audio/Video Presentation

The Truth Of The Matter

The Truth

The Application of Truth


Audio files

Part 2



Part 3





I Feel Sad

The fate of man


Our Adversary

The devil


Something Important To Say

Our lives





Freedom from it

so sorry




Wake Up America




There Is No Middle Ground

You're either in or your out.

What If

What if you found out something so amazing...


Remember Who You Are

Children of God


Emotional Baggage

Get rid of the junk


True Hopes and Dreams

What is real


Golden Opportunites

Life gives us chances to......



What is truth?


It's Closer Than You Think

The return of Christ


Happy or Sad

Our choice


A Mother's Love

God is Father and Mother


The Only Way Out

Through Jesus


Dealing with Death

Not as scary as it seems


Fiery Darts

What are fiery darts


Let God Be God

We never let Him be God


Help My Soul

What is the soul?


Just Do It

Trust God and listen



Are they real?


What Has He Done?
God Is Right



Spare The Rod Spoil The Child
Love Our Children


Love or Lust
You decide
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