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Some thirty years ago miracle & a vision

were given

Documentary of King of Glory Ministries

The miracle


   The best explanation of who we are is best explained by sharing the true story of how this ministry began! A message from the Lord was given some thirty years ago to a man named John C. Cusimano who was sitting on the beach reading scriptures about the Holy Spirit! The scripture that was before him was Ezekiel 36:25-27. This man who found this supernatural message from God is one of the co-founders of King of Glory Ministries Inc.
   It all happened while he was reading this scripture in the booklet and from a distance he noticed the word GOD radiating from the water and was very amazed by it. As he walked towards the water he noticed a piece of newspaper floating on top of the water being tossed about by the waves. He tried to grab the paper but as he reached down it went back out with the tide. He was going to walk away at that moment because he did not want to step into the water and get wet but after seeing the word GOD shine from the water he could not just give up before finding out what was happening right in front of his very eyes! He made the choice to step into the water and get his cloths wet and pick up the newspaper article that was saturated with water. Most of the article was in tact and legible and to his absolute amazement the very same scripture Ezekiel 36;25-27 that he was reading in the booklet while sitting on the beach was on the very page of that newspaper article that he grabbed from the water! He was overwhelmed and knew at that moment God was speaking and in no way it was a coincidence!
   This newspaper article is still being held in a safe place and you can see the copy of it on this web site! The article was all about the Holy Spirit and the dove which represents Him and Noah and the ark! It tells us how we are cleansed from all unrighteousness because of Jesus and how the Holy Spirit is the one who helps clean us up! It also explained why the ark was build because of the judgment God sent upon the earth in the form of a flood! During the end times once again the judgment of God will come on the earth! A rainbow appeared in the sky for Noah to see with a promise from God that He would not flood the earth again!    Revelation explains to us just what God intends to do during the last seven year tribulation and it will be the wrath of God once again being poured out upon this earth on those who have rebelled against the creator of the universe!

The vision

  This very same man had another message from God shortly after finding this article in the water! It was a vision as clear as if you were watching a video in front of you! It was of a place of peace and safety where Christians lived together in a community where they were self sufficient and the anointing was so strong that nobody wanted to leave this place! The Ark community that we are supposed to build for the children of God was told to us way back in this supernatural message from the water representing Noah in the boat and the actual vision of this place. I, the wife of this man have seen this same vision in a dream several times!
The ministry home we live in was given by God also through supernatural means. We had lived in a home for over eight years intending to buy it but the owner for some odd reason never made the final deal and as we waited for her to fulfill her promise the town we lived in had a major flood. What are the chances of us having a flood that destroyed the house we lived in at that time sending us to our future home where we are building an Ark Community for the end times. Coincidence, I think not and as the tenants we were able to just walk away with whatever we could salvage. Not understanding why God never let us buy the house became evidently clear that day when the flood hit! As devastating as that was we knew God must have a plan in it! A year later after living in an apartment complex I knew it was time to move out to wherever God was going to send us! I had a few thousand dollars from the death of my Mom and I knew I had to start looking for a home!
       We moved out because of a flood and found a home on a hill out of the flood zone! The perfect place to build an Ark sanctuary with over forty acres of land connected to our property right behind the house for sale! Having only so much money to work with became a problem right at the end before closing on the house when we needed about $4,000 more dollars to close! The man who got the mortgage for us told us at that point he would not take any money for getting us the mortgage. He point blank told us that God wanted us to have this house. We had exactly what we needed to purchase the ministry home and if we would have had to pay the mortgage broker we would have been short and could not have gotten the house! The enemy tried to stop the loan from going through several times before we actually got the house!
    The ministry house we live in, the beginning of the Ark, was closed on Oct. 12th, 2007 on the Jewish day of the month called Tishri 30 and the scripture verse from the Torah Portion: Genesis 6:9 – 11:32 that was read on that day by the Jewish people was all about Noah, again showing this ministry, that we are meant to build this place for the Lord and His people!
   The name King of Glory was spoken to this same man who found the article in the water and saw this place in a vision by God and this name for Jesus is only mentioned in Psalm 24 about the 2nd coming of the Lord! This also verifies that we are an end time ministry.
   We started this ministry feeding the needy after watching an organization refuse food to a family because of their religious beliefs. We took them to the deli next door and bought them some food and gave the child a box of Twinkies! Her eyes lit up and we knew at that moment in time that helping the needy was part of serving the Lord! This ministry has been doing that ever since and we now realize that this Tribulation Ark will be feeding and housing many of God's children!
    This anointed man of God went home to be with the Lord before ever seeing the finish of the vision but I Lois Sharp his wife of 26 years have held fast to it! God once again by supernatural means sent a man named Gary W. Sharp to step in and continue moving forward with this God given vision and we were married and have become very spiritually motivated to reach out to the body of Christ and gather in all the animals and children of God to come into the community and live in one mind and one accord in the Spirit of love! I have seen this vision in a dream several times and my husband of today was prophetically shown the vision too!
   This Tribulation Ark will be feeding the children of God by living off the land and growing vegetable gardens and raising animals for food and providing what we will have need of while we wait for the return of Jesus! The children of God have to see that the end times are upon us and things will escalate in the world and these safe havens will be protected by God's angels while we wait it out during the judgment of God which will be poured out on the earth. The word tells us we are not going to have God's wrath fall on us as the world will! What will God do with us? He will do exactly what He did with Noah and his family. He will lead us to one of the Arks being build across this nation!
    All the gifts and talents will be used in these Arks as we all live in one mind and one accord and wait for Jesus to come and get us out of this world so full of sin and disobedience to the Most High God!
   Persecution as never before and never will be again will come at the Christians across the world! Some will be martyred for Christ and some will be in these safe havens! Those that go home before the 2nd coming of Jesus will meet those who are alive in the air and then we all will come back with our Lord to wage the final war against the evil one and his demons! The devil will be thrown into hell along with anyone who refused to love the Lord and accept His sacrifice!
   The time is now to decide whose side you are on because the winning team are those who followed Jesus! We all need to be in one mind and one accord more than ever now and the petty things that separate us must be pushed aside as we join forces in unity for Christ!
   Come and join us in our place of peace where we will live the way they did in Acts when nobody was out to be better than someone else or own more things than the next person because the only thing that really mattered was Jesus and telling everyone about Him and how He saved their souls from destruction! Can we actually be in this world and not of this world the way the bible tell us too? Yes we can! All you need is true love! That is what we strive for and that is how this community will exist!
   We are looking for those who can financially back this ministry so we can purchase the land that is right behind our ministry home and has over 40 acres of beautiful land just waiting to be inhabited by the children of God! We need builders, farmers, cooks, all sorts of workers who will help us maintain and keep up with the work load that it takes to keep all things functioning the way they need to be. Pray for the holy Spirit to show you what part you play in all this and remember according to scripture we will not be leaving this earth in the rapture until Jesus comes back and the bible specifically tells us in 1 Thess. 4:13-18 that it is at the end of the tribulation!
Would you rather be in the world among those who do not love the Lord or in a place where we all love the Lord and live from day to day praising Him and worshiping Him while we wait for His return?

Pastors Gary and Lois Sharp

See About Lois Here

of a place

of peace and safety

where Christians would dwell together

in unity,

living completely off the land

and being separate

from the world

and it's system!

It was a place where nobody owned anything and yet we all lacked for nothing as we all lived in Christ as the head of the church! 
 There was no reason to own anything because everything we had was given to the LORD for the purpose of survival and harmony until His 2nd coming when we would be raptured out!

Visions come to pass in due season as the Lord wills them to be!

God moves on His people to do their necessary part to make it happen! There are people all over this country that have been given these visions and God is moving by His Spirit to show the body of Christ that just as Noah was put into an Ark as the flood waters rose and destroyed what was left of the evil that had taken over. So too, God will lead us to these Christian communities that are going to be protected by His Holy angels during the time when His wrath will pour out on the earth and the arrogance of mankind! The only protection we have is in Jesus! Whether we live or we die as long as we have accepted the sacrifice of Jesus we will be free!

So why is this place of peace and safety necessary?

       The word tells us that just as it was in the days of Noah so too will the coming of the Son of man be Matthew 24:37. It shows us that God will be pouring out His wrath once again on the earth but He promised He would not flood the earth again! Revelation tells us of things to come that will be terrible and have never been before and never will be again before the return of Jesus! He also tells us His wrath is not for His people but for the unbelievers. If we are not leaving this earth until Jesus comes back and not until the anti Christ takes over, what is going to happen to us? Where will we be existing while all these tragedies happen and mankind is suffering and being destroyed? Those who heeded the word will be in the Ark communities!

The Tribulation Arks or Ark havens as some call them - the name - does not matter!

      What matters is that we all see clearly what we need to do to prepare for these coming days of devastation! God did not take Noah and his family off the earth He kept them safe while the waters rushed all around them. They were in a boat that took the pounding of the waves and all the animals were protected so life could begin again without all the evil and the demonic angles who followed the devil. The devil and his angels are creating havoc again in this earth and soon the time of wrath will pour down and we need to be ready for it. Ready in what way? What can we do?

Building a place

with food storage and vegetable gardens and animals

for eating


and housing that will keep us warm by natural means is crucial in our survival!

Teaming up together as the body of Christ like they did in Acts where they lived with all things in common will be the way we will have to live to survive! Prayer will be a daily thing with joy and thanksgiving for all the provisions God has made for us! Will we be ready for the last seven years of tribulation? Many Christians think we will be out of here but according to scripture Jesus will not return until the end of the seven years are finished and that is when the rapture takes place. There are no two raptures written in the word. There is one and only one spoken of in the bible and that means we will have to go through seven years of much chaos and turmoil! Many of the Christians who expect to get out of here will fall away feeling God let them down so truth is vital in preparing! Just as Joseph stored food for the seven years of famine saving the entire nation of God's children so too we will save food and whatever else we need for the final seven year count down!

Are we just the gloom and doom preachers

or do we all need to seek the Lord for what is the truth?

         Many visions are being shown of the last seven years and they are terrible for the world. I want to make sure that God's children grab on to this and join one of these Arks being built. We are not building a boat we are building a community of housing and gardens and animals for food and whatever we might need to survive if the economy fails. Food will be more valuable than gold! Will you join us? People will  actually be selling their houses and coming to help us build this place. The Lord will speak to those who are meant to be part of our Ark! All the gifts and talents God has given His people will be used during these last seven years! The beginning of the end times are upon us but we have not yet entered the last seven years! Time is running out so it is time to purchase the land and start building! Finances are needed and skilled people in building and farming and food preparation and survival knowledge and prayer warriors and the list goes on.

the newspaper article in the water

Pray about this and do not just put this to the sideline

You do not want to go it alone either! There is strength in numbers! Research the word and you will see what we say is the truth! If it is true what is going to happen in the world and what will God do with His people? God will protect His children and He will direct you to one of these Arks that are being prepared to keep you safe while we all wait for the return of our Lord Jesus!



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