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     What is it? To me love is the most powerful force in this universe. Some of us understand it and some of us do not. The world we live in is so far from operating in love that we have all become accustomed to not really loving one another. We say we have love but when it comes down to it we love ourselves more than we love someone else. If we have to choose to give of ourselves we end up doing what is best for ourselves rather than what may be best for the other person. It seems so hard to give to someone else when it is not in our own best interest. Sacrificing our lives seems to be foolish. We are all out to survive so we can not help but think of our own needs. Love to me is the total opposite of thinking of our own needs and loving someone enough to think of them first. In marriage we are supposed to love one another. It ends up you do your thing and I do my thing. If we get together here and there that is great but I am busy with my own thing. Each man is out for himself, even when we are married. The becoming one that God intended for us goes out the window because we can never get to the level in our existence where we actually let go. In order to be one with someone you have to be willing to let go and become part of their world. Their sorrows and their joys. We run away from sorrow because we hate it. We know Jesus died for us out of love but we never get to that relationship with Him that He has with us. We are afraid to let go and really trust some one because we have all been burned. Fear is the biggest hindrance for love. Perfect love casts out all fear the bible tells us. Our love may never be perfect but if we stop looking at our own needs and start looking at some one else we will step out into the realm of love. Love always looks for the best in a person. Love never fails. True love always prevails and that is why evil can never beat good. When you have true love for a person there is a passion that goes along with it. Without the passion something is missing in the relationship. Passion does not die as time goes on it gets stronger and stronger as the love develops. It is the same with God. We learn the truth about how much God loves us and we become passionate about it. We want to tell everyone how great our God is! Why? Because we are so in love with Jesus that we can not help ourselves from sharing it. When you fall in love in this world it is overwhelming and you want to shout your feelings out to everyone. You are so excited by the feeling of being in love you want to tell the world. The feeling of love is so wonderful we all want it. We all search our lives for it. The search is over when you find Jesus! You may desire human love and that is great too but nothing can compare to the love of God for us! We all fall short in our expression of love for one another but God does not. Do not take human love and compare it to God. There is no comparison and we need to know that. If you love someone today do not forget the blessing you have. Never take it for granted because this life is fleeting and when the person dies or leaves you it is disappointing and heart breaking. God's love never ends in this life or the next. What is love? It is caring about someone so much that your life is not as important as theirs is. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for them all the time. They have a need and you put your needs aside to fulfill theirs. If both people do this in a relationship there is no lack. If one does it and the other does not resentment will build up. The expression years ago was each gives 50% but the truth is each gives 100%. How much love do we really have? That is the question. 

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