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Ark Poem

To My People
Thursday June 8th, 2017

Lois Sharp

It's time to look at these places

for we are shining down our faces.

The doors will be open to swing back and forth

until the time I shut the doors from the north

the south, the east and the west

it will be time for my children to rest.


I must pour out my indignation upon the earth

the mourning will begin as there is a new birth.

The lightening will streak right across the skies,

and most of mankind will surely die.

No repentance or a desire to follow my will

will make them lose ground trying to walk up the hill.

The weather will change in the twinkling of an eye,

and evil will pay the price and they'll be no more lies.

Deception is what the devil knows best,

it has surely been his great quest.

The time for freedom will come on the earth,

once again I am calling it a new birth.

Why have my children followed the will of evil?

It's so sad that I must move with an upheaval.

Swiftly the lightning will streak from the east to the west

and deliver my wrath and finish my quest.

I must set things straight that have gone crooked

it's such a disaster that I must fix it.

So sad to have to see mankind destroyed once again

but Sodom and Gomorrah have taken over the pen.

They write words of filthiness and deception,

so all will believe it's a new conception.

If I were to allow all this evil,

life as we know it would be in an upheaval.

Time to stand up for what is righteous

and put all evil behind us.

Truth, justice and the American way

is not so all can do what they want and just play.

There are consequences for your every action

and to ignore my will is not for your satisfaction.

You may think you have enjoyed the pleasure of life

but you will find the enemy cut you like a knife.

He takes what is good

and turns it into mud.

He takes what is truth

and causes all kinds of abuse.

Those who can not see my loving kindness

will be left behind us.

The army will march forth with my power

and trample on all evil during this hour.

The return of my Son,

will make us all one.

So look up into the sky,

for my Son draweth nigh.

His return will come to bring peace and instruction,

all who resist it will be their destruction.


Shalom and may you go behind my closed doors,

I will take one moment to pause. 

Before my decision to pour my wrath on the earth,

and create it to become nothing but dirt.

I will level mountains and cause the seas to rise

for all those who hate and despise.

Sudden destruction will come like a thief in the night,

their lives will end and so will their plite.

Take heed to this warning

for joy will only come in the morning.

Your places of refuge will be where I dwell

it's the only place where they'll be no hell.

You will wait for a little while

as my wrath pours down in a big pile.

Most of the earth will be shattered

and the inhabitants will be all battered.

No one will escape my wrath

accept those who loved me and followed my path.

So time is of the essence

build safe havens and stay in my presence.

You will see people come from the north, south, east and the west,

to tarry in my haven and I will destroy what is left.

Only those who have clean hands and a pure heart

will be led to the mountains where they will be part.

This time will never ever be again

but it must happen so we can have an end.

To all this evil that has created such suffering,

it will be stopped and you will have no more recovering.

Peace will reign forever more

and will finally open up the door.

You will leave in the twinkling of an eye

and meet me up in the sky.

The praises while you wait for my return

will finally be over as the earth will surely burn.

Build, build build these beautiful places of refuge

and invite all to participate and make sure there's no disputes.

All will be in one mind and one accord

nothing else you can afford.

Peace has to dwell while you wait,

my Son's return will not be late.

Move forward in faith

and build this place it is your fate.

The land will be discovered

and you will purchase it and lead others.

Open the door Oh ye Gates

for heaven will no longer wait.

Rejoice in the Lord for time is of the essence

and you will all be in my presence.

Shalom, peace on earth is coming

evil will be stopped and my Kingdom is up and running.

Love is what will be part of the earth.

This is all truth for what it is worth.

Faith and belief is all you need

to bring these places and fulfill and feed.

All who come will be filled with my glory

as you wait for my Son who will not tarry.

Such an exciting time to be alive

walk forward with me and do not strive.

I will lead you every step of the way

do not go left and do not sway.

Walk forward and follow my leading

for this place will be built and be filled with my greeting.

All are welcome to come if they choose

and those who will not will surely have the blues.

Life will be hard for those who do not enter

they will not have peace and surely no center.

The center of peace will be my haven

so all should listen so they will not be craven.

Fulfillment is part of the ministry center

and all my children must surely enter.

Shalom for now and I will lead you forward,

as you walk with me and get close towards it.

Tribulation Ark it shall be

for all my children who want to stay free.


Your Father in heaven, your Lord and your Savior,

The Holy Spirit who helps with your behavior.

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