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July 21st, 2020


Mr. President,

         Let the country see your heart. Let them see how you grieve for this country and what is going on and how many lives are needlessly snuffed out because of this plague. Let them know you want to save life in every way as it is precious to the God we believe in and this country was founded so we could have freedom in every way for every man, every woman, and every child and even life in the womb before birth because we know it is a life.

         Those who are behind you know you have already done what you can do and those who are believing the lies of the enemy need to hear you tell us you will stop this lawlessness and protect the innocent from this evil. This country is under a judgment whether you know it or not from God because we have murdered life - his creation for years through abortion and until we overthrow the right to murder the unborn we will be judged. You are our president and you are there to protect all our rights and evil wants to kill, steal and destroy the image and likeness of God and evil is using people and they have gone reprobate just like the Bible tells us.

          We are in biblical times and God chose you to help this country become a safe haven and allow religious freedom to remain so you have our prayers and the true Christians who are actually listening to the Holy Spirit know you are supposed to get voted in again. What you need to do is stand strong as our leader which you do but show your heart and let us see how you truly feel about the senseless deaths and the hurting people because of this virus. They need to know that your only interest is not only just making America great financially but making America truly blessed by God so we can all have freedom and justice for all, so that we can truly be one nation under God where we care about each other and as Americans not Democrats or Republicans but Americans, who will look out for their neighbors just because they are neighbors and because we truly care about each other's lives and the right to be free and live in peace no matter what color you are, no matter what city you live in and no matter how rich or poor you are.


          Every American should have the opportunity to success no matter where they live and you as our president will make sure to help and leave no one behind.


God bless you, Mr. President Trump.


Rev. Lois Vogel-Sharp


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