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Here Comes The Son!


I woke up this morning and was led by the Lord to go outside to pray because I felt He had a word for me. It was drizzling out so I stood on my porch and listened. I noticed the rain stopped and the sun began to shine so I walked out into my yard. As I walked I heard the Father say, “ look up at the clouds.” I looked up and could see dark clouds moving about. Above the clouds there were patches of clearing where I could see blue sky. The sun was covered by clouds and the Father said to me, “ Where is the sun?” I responded by saying, “ I do not know, I can not see it.” I walked around looking closely to see if one of the blue sky clearings would be making its way to where I felt the sun was. I heard again in my spirit, “ Where is the sun, it rises in the East?” I answered as I looked over towards the eastern sky, “ I do not know I can not see it.” I was determined to wait until one of the clouds moved out of the way so I could see the sun. It was bothering me because it was dark and gloomy and I knew the sun was up there.


I thought that God was going to wind this whole message up with me seeing the sun shine through the dark clouds. We all know the story about not seeing the sun but we know the SON is behind the clouds of life. The Father than said to me, “ You moved all over the yard to try and find a crack in the clouds to get a glimpse of the sun but have not found it.” I was upset that I could not see it. The Father said to me again, “ where is the sun?” I replied , “ I do not know but I know it is over there somewhere in the East.” I watched the clouds and they were moving so slow that I felt frustrated as I waited for the clearing to maybe move towards the sun. Then I noticed the clouds got more obvious and the clearing that was there disappeared. I realized I was not going to see the sun and thought to myself what is God trying to tell me. I got a bit upset and then He spoke these words, “ Trump is not the salvation of America.” I said. “ then what is he?” God told me he was the one to restore the wastelands and that we were in the tribulation period of His wrath and nothing was going to change that. He told me that His people needed to realize the time period we are in and that Trump was not going to change it.


Natural disasters would be happening and we needed to know that we must look beyond the clouds that are coming and know the SON is there. We will feel upset at times but had to keep our eyes on the Lords return not this life and all the dark clouds. I felt upset as I walked back towards the house without seeing the sun. Just as I got by my porch the rain began to pour and God said at that moment, “ the former and the latter rain and this is the latter rain.” It poured just as I got onto my porch. The rain came down heavily as the wind picked up all of a sudden and the leaves were falling off the trees and flying everywhere. I looked around and was in awe at what God had showed me. I was still upset that I had not seen the sun come from behind the clouds and went back into my house to be safe from the storm. It was some time before I shared the story with my husband and he said to me that Jesus is coming through the dark clouds above the earth and I agreed. At that moment I realized the sun was shining and I did not think of anything but wanting to run out and see the sun. I ran as quickly as I could so I would not miss the sun that had just peaked through the clouds and as I was running I thought, “ you better take it easy you do not want to fall.” I was so excited to know the sun had come out I continued to run as fast as I could so I would not miss it. I looked up and the sun was shining so bright I could barely even look at it. I was so excited that God allowed me to see the sun. It was brilliant and so bright and so warm and so wonderful that I smiled and laughed and felt free.


When I came back my husband said to me, “ do you realize you ran right by me and ignored me to go see the sun. At that moment I understood how in love we will be with JESUS that nobody will stop us from reaching our LORD!


Nothing in this life will be more important that waiting for the SON to come and allow us to see Him face to face. Keep looking up for our redemption draweth nigh!

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