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A Touch From Heaven



     Lily loved the Lord. She had one problem though. Her body for whatever reason produced kidney stones that kept her having to go and have them blasted. How she feared having to be put under anesthesia and then waking up and feeling lousy. She had been through the routine enough times and hated it. Lily loved God and trusted Him with everything she had to deal with but she really did hate having to be operated on. Life is life and she knew just like most people that there are situations we deal with that we dislike but we still have to deal with them. Lily went in with a smile and as they put the drugs in her arm she trusted God with her life. She grudgingly accepted her fate. When waking up from being under the influence of the anesthesia drugs there are times when you shake uncontrollably. It was quite disturbing to her because it felt the same as being extremely cold and you shake so much you can't control it. As much as you try to stop it the shaking continues and it just upset her to have to go through it. Feeling the after affects of the drugs was not what she really wanted to deal with but again Lily would just smile. Her soul felt like crying but she would keep that to herself as she dealt with her fears and anxieties over this operation that had to be done. This particular operation was a bit different this time though. When Lily woke up from the operation she began to shake. This time Lily being moved in her soul lifted her arms up towards heaven and prayed out loud in front of the doctor and the nurses. Her prayer was to the Father God. This was what she said, “ Father, please help me with this shaking.” She could hear one of the nurses say, “ She's praying” as she felt a surge come from heaven and go right through her body. The shaking stopped immediately and she became very alert. It was obvious to her that God had heard her plea and answered. She could only say what she felt happen and the results that showed after the prayer. No more shaking and no more groggy feeling. It was as if the affects of the anesthesia were completely gone in the instant she felt this surge shoot into her body. She knew God had helped her miraculously at that very moment in time. She became so alert that she began talking to the nurse and asking her all kinds of questions. The nurse made a statement and wanted to know how it was that she was so talkative. She said” I have not seen anybody so alert after being operated on.” To be honest she was actually annoyed at Lily for talking too much. Lily felt great and knew in her heart and soul that God loved her that much to step in and relieve some of the stress related to the operation. You might say why did God not heal her so she wouldn't have to have the operation in the first place. There were a few times when God actually made the stones disappear over the years and times when she went through operations. God is God and Lily bowed down each time to what His will for her was. We do not always know the why but we do know the answer if we believe. God loves us no matter what we go through and He has His reasons for all of it. Loving God takes an act of our will. Either we love Him or we don't. Either we trust Him or we don't. Lily did and has seen many miracles from her Father. He is all of our Father if we accept His Son Jesus. This is a true story! Think about it! 

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