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A Word From The Lord




Feb. 11th,2014






     When all seems dim and all seems lost. There are clouds in the sky and you feel the Son has forsaken you. Your heart feels like bursting into tears and life seems to have no more joy for you. Footprints in the sand seem to show you are alone walking in the wilderness. Your heart can not grasp the reason why you are suffering. You want to give up because all seems futile. You know that I love you but there just seems to be no joy that you can find. I do understand what you are experiencing. I too felt feelings of despair as I walked to the agony of the cross. I saw what was ahead for me and wanted to turn and walk away. I assure you that the clouds that cover the sun will blow away as the Holy Spirit moves in with His power. He will with His swift hand explode in this world and set the captive Christians free. I promise there will be victory for all who suffer in my name. Smile even when you feel like crying. The world has no solution for you. I will come in and deliver you from destruction. My Father is true to His word. You will see the sun shine through the clouds and you will see the Son of Glory come in the clouds. Life will go on for the world but life for the Christians will go on in the Spirit of my Father. The Holy Spirit has been waiting for the right moment in time to use His dunamis power. Until now He has been very gentle and has been quietly speaking. He will no longer be silent because the world has to hear the truth. They will be accountable for their actions without excuse. I am telling you this so you will be ready for the power to explode within the church. This message is for all the children of God. Keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh. While you await my return you will see many signs and wonders performed by the Holy Spirit. Expect victory and await your deliverance from all the powers of the enemy. Keep on smiling and singing songs of praise. The King of Glory is coming!





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