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All That Glitters Isn't Gold

     Sarah at the age of nine was taking a walk one day and found a beautiful rock with specks of glistening gold in it. She was so excited thinking she had found a priceless stone that had to be worth some money.  She would keep searching and find as many as she could and bring them to the jeweler around the corner. Her plan was to take the money and buy a new home for the family and new cloths, etc. She found so many of these rocks that she had to put them in a pail to carry them to the jeweler to find out how much money she was going to get. The jeweler was a sweet man who took the rocks from her and examined them carefully.






















As Sarah waited in awe expecting to receive a large sum of money. He smiled gently at her and said he was sorry to say that the gold in the rocks was called fools gold and was not worth anything. Sarah was so disappointed because it sure looked like real gold to her. The jeweler pointed out that fools gold and real gold are quite similar in appearance but when you look close you can see that one is much more brilliant in color than the other. Sarah never forgot this lesson and took this experience into her adult life. Struggling to pay her bills made her feel envious of those who had wealth and beautiful homes.


When Sarah looked up close and realized once again all that glitters isn’t gold she was able to get past the emotional jealously she was experiencing.  She was happy with her blessings while some of those who had material pleasures in life were most miserable and didn’t appreciate the blessings they had been given. It was a lesson learned and Sarah knew that just because something looks shiny on the outside does not mean it is gold. Truly all that glitters is not gold in this life. This is a true story! Think about it! Have a great day!​


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