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Are they real? How often do we encounter them? The only explanation of them is from the bible. We here stories where people have said angels have intervened to help but are they really true? We also have heard stories of demons operating in this world too and influencing us as human beings. How real is all of this and how can we be sure if they really do exist? We hear stories of how people are talked to by the dead relatives and give information about the persons life that nobody would know about unless revealed by the true relative. The bible tells us not to talk to the dead. How do these people hear these messages. Spirits know all about our families as they have watched them for years. If you are open to the spirit world any spirit can tell you about your relatives and make you believe it is Aunt Tessie coming to talk to you. Believe me if Aunt Tessie is in heaven she has no message but for you to accept Jesus as your Lord. If there are unspoken words that need to be voiced from a relative that passed with unsettling things then the Holy Spirit is quite capable of healing the hurt and the sorrow. We do not need some guy to invading our private lives to convince us there is a life after death. All of this is very intriguing to us. It is the supernatural realm and we all share an interest in it whether it is real or not. There is no real way to prove any of these stories without belief in the evidence to show the validity of them. The angelic realm is not seen with the natural eye. There is only one way to see into this spiritual world and that is through our spiritual being. We are spirit beings with a soul and a body. There is part of us that is spirit. If you are a believer in the bible you can see in I Cor. 12 where it tells what each gift is. These gifts are given to us by God so we can use them for our advantage to keep safe in this world. One of these gifts from God is called discerning of spirits. This means when the gift is operating you are able to see into the spirit realm and become aware of the spiritual world. Our human spirit opens up and allows the Holy Spirit to come in and guide us to all truth. He , the Spirit gives us these gifts so we know what we are doing in this life. We are influenced by spirits good and bad so we need a heads up when they are operating around us at times. Most of the time we have no clue what is happening in the spirit world around us. As children of God we need to know because our defenses will be down if we have no idea what is happening. We are soldiers of the Most High God and that is not just a metaphor. That is fact and if we are truly in a war as soldiers we better put on the full armor or we will be shot. There is gun fire all around us and we have no idea. We choose to be ignorant when it comes to anything other than what we recognize as normal. What is normal? I am telling you as children of God being in His army is the normal for the Christian. It is not about singing songs as the army of the Lord. It is about real warfare and real gun shots. What would you say if I tell you the reason we were created by God from the beginning was to create an army for God's purpose in destroying the devil and his demons. God did know we would fall and He did know we would learn through each trial and tribulation to be soldiers for the final battle. The final battle is the return of Christ when we all come back with Him in the clouds and those who are alive meet him in the air and we all as soldiers follow Jesus to take back planet earth from evil. Does that seem so far fetched? Think about it all for one minute and it all does make sense. Read this in Jude. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are real. I have seen every one of them operate in my personal life so I know for a fact they do exist today. I have seen enough real miracles to know they are real too. It does not matter whether you believe it or not. Truth is truth. We will all find out one way or the other. We as the children of God are being prepared for this whether we know it or not. The rest of the world is part of the devil's army and do not even know he is using them everyday for his benefit. We need to get a reality check as to what is real and what is not. Our lives depend on knowing what is real and what is false. Is all of this just made up stuff for our amusement? If we are a true army created by God and we are in the middle of this war between God and Satan that is kind of weird and almost fairytale like. Every cartoon we have ever seen has always been between good and evil and good always wins after the struggle. Where do they get these ideas from? True life that is where. We are in an army and Christians have been recruited by God to be in boot camp. This earth is boot camp and we will continue to learn how to fight. The bible tells us to fight the good fight of faith. Why is that? Because that is exactly what is going on. We are in a fight for our lives. Jesus is the leader of the army. There are some who are generals and some who just follow directions. The army is only as good as the leaders and those who follow the directions given to them. Remember we did not make war against the devil. He made war against God and took one third of God's angels to defeat God's Kingdom. God saw fit to create man in His image. Was that a coincidence? No he made us like Himself so we would be perfect for the army. We would understand Him as our Father and desire to be with Him because we are one with Him. Only deception has kept us apart from our Father. The body of Christ is starting to get this because the end is coming for this ultimate battle and we are either in or we are out of this army. If we are out we are in the enemies camp whether we know it or not. Pick your side. What side of this battle do you want to be on? You can try and pretend none of this is real but it will not change the truth. This world will go down just the way God says it will. When we want to be strong in this world we lift weights and work out. When we want to be strong in the spiritual realm we learn and operate in the power of God through the Holy Spirit and the corporate name of Jesus that has been given to us to use. We are not defenseless at all. We just do not know the true power we have. We are learning. The angels are either on God's side or Satan’s side. The Godly angels do the bidding of God and help us when we may need an extra supernatural touch from heaven. The demonic angels get in our way to stop us at every moment they can. The less we know about them the more danger we are in. They will hinder us and keep us back. It is no different in battle when the guns are shooting at us and we are trapped. We have to find the strategy to get away from the flying bullets. We have to recognize oppression when it is around us and influencing us. We have become too used to some of the personalities we have that we think it is us when in actuality they are demons just pushing our emotions. How do they do it? They are beings that are just as alive as we are. We just can not see them without the Holy Spirit allowing the supernatural gift to operate. Kind of like looking through a night light where you can see what is going on in the dark. You see what is going on in the spirit realm. It is so important that these demons continue for years until we know they are there. Once we know they are there we come against them with the authority that Jesus gave us and tell them to go. It is all about knowledge and following Christ in His Kingdom. Does it all seem to bizarre to believe? We better start seeing what is going on. This battle will be won by God and only the true soldiers will make to the end. The rest will fall by the wayside because they will have no clue what the devil is doing. The anti-Christ will take over and he will destroy many believers. We will end up in heaven either way so I do not plan on going down without a fight. What kind of a soldier are you? The army only keeps the best. An army has to be able to stand its ground and hold back the enemy. Are we as Christians holding back the enemy? Most Christians do not even know they can be motivated by demons. We are the ones they want tot stop from being part of the army. It is not all about songs and sitting in church for an hour. This is our life. This battle we are all in, even if we do not want to be. We all feel the shooting fiery darts when they hit us. They hurt and our only recourse is to believe and know that God has given us power and dominion over the evil one. We are walking around as Christians with the Holy Spirit and all of His power right inside our spirit. It is time we see Him and allow Him to communicate with us so we can be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Angels and demons have been around a long time and we have to choose what angelic beings we want to be around. The evil ones will just come and bother us. We have to notice the difference in our behavior when we are being attacked. Any behavior that does not line up with the personality of God is demonic in nature. It does not necessarily mean it is a demon but if it is something you do all the time and just can not seem to change it probably is. Deliverance is needed and that really is a simple rebuking in the name of Jesus to tell it to go. If Christians can not see they will stay oppressed. They will never stand against some of these personalities that have attached themselves to us. We have become used to our nasty natures and we blame it on life. We have fallen short and have allowed many of these nasty personalities to come into our lives through ignorance and sin. This army of the Lord needs to be taught many things. None of us have arrived at all these truths yet. We are learning because that is the job of the Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth. Our guardian angels do more intervening then we have any idea. Your angel has probably saved your life many times without your ever knowing it. Let us keep learning about the army and this war and what part we play in all of it. How real are angels? I will tell you a true story about my son. This story is on the web site so I will just add the part about the angel. My son was born dead and after coming against death in the name of Jesus he took a breath and came back to life. The doctors were trying to revive him and failed. When he was still young enough for me to hold him while putting him to sleep I was watching a television show about angels. He looked over and said to me, “ Mommy I know that angel.” I asked what he meant and he told me that when I was coming down to the ground really fast that angel caught me and saved me. I knew in his child like mind he had no clue about how the angels all can be very similar in how they look. The point he did make stunned me as he said the angel caught him when he was going down to the ground really fast. I was sitting on a birthing chair and when a baby is born they do come down to the ground really fast as they are born. He had died at that point and I believe his guardian angel caught his spirit to hold it until the prayer was prayed. He actually remembered that and was able to share that with me. That to me is proof they exist and are fighting in this battle on God's side. They are right next to us in this war as soldiers who will reach out with a helping hand when needed. Are they real? As far as I am concerned without the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit that day in the hospital my son would have died. His angel stepped into the battle to save him from death too by playing his part in the whole miracle that took place that day. I am a firm believer and have seen many miracles and have experienced angels myself to know this is not just some story that sounds interesting but this is all actual fact and truth. Are you in the army? Would you like to be? That is possible with accepting Christ. John 15 :26-27 adds to this teaching. When you get the chance you should read it.

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