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     Anna woke up, slowly climbed out of bed and struggled to walk into the kitchen.  Her heart was racing as she approached the kitchen draw with the knives in it. She looked at each utensil trying to figure out which one would be the best to accomplish her goal. As she reached in the draw she felt a sharp pain in her hand but that did not stop her from reaching and grabbing the sharpest knife she had. She hobbled over to the sink and bent down to grab a potato from the draw and a pot for cooking. Once again she felt excruciating pain as if she had been stabbed by the knife she removed from the drawer. Even so Anna proceeded with the task at hand. The pot was filled with water and potatoes that she agonizingly cut up and they were thrown in along with vegetables and some meat. Now she had to carry it to the stove for cooking. She wobbled from side to side carrying the soup that needed to be cooked and she almost fell as a sharp pain ran up her legs. Thank God I did not fall Anna thought as she reached the stove. Some time later Anna got a large bowl, filled it as high as she could with the cooked soup and proceeded to bring it to the destination it was intended for. She looked up the stairway to the apartment at the top and it sure seemed a long way up to her. Her heart was moved because she knew the person at the top of the stairs was sick in bed and could not cook a meal. This gave Anna the strength she needed to literally crawl step by step to complete her purpose for that day. The soup was given to someone in need and Anna felt a sense of peace as she took a moment in time to forget about her sufferings and reach out to someone else who had a need. Anna had crippling arthritis. This is a true story! Think about it! Have a great day!

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