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        The Bridegroom To TheBride  




My Dearest Love,


     I am sending this message of love to my betrothed. It seems such a long time ago since we were together and I shared my heart with you. I left my rightful throne to come seek you out and create a oneness that will last throughout eternity. I knew within the core of my being that I would have to rescue my bride from destruction by laying down my life. I could not stand by and watch my beautiful love be destroyed with accusations of lies and deceptions. I knew that another was trying to steal you away from me. I had no choice but to come and reveal the true nature of my soul, for you to realize, that you too, were just as much in love with me, as I with you. I showed you who I Am openly so you could choose whether you desired to be my bride or to be swept away by some deceptive being. He uses unnatural means of deception to persuade you that I was not sincere in my love for you. I walked with you everyday in the garden and we fellow-shipped with the utmost honesty and integrity. We laughed amongst the trees and flowers as we both together saw the beauty of life. How we treasured each and every moment together. Our bond was ever growing and we were becoming very much a part of each other. I had to choose the importance of my relationship with you and make a decision of how I could keep you forever in my heart. My love exceeds any expectations you may have. The oneness I desire with you far exceeds the world you live in and I intend to come back for you, soon! While you wait for me I can see you are being torn between loving me and receiving what you think are solutions to your loneliness. I tell you a truth that there is no other who could or would ever love you the way I do. I and only I will fulfill your soul for eternity. You will never thirst again if you hold onto my precious love for you. I would ask you to believe what I say and I beg you to love me so we can be together. Prepare yourself my love, for when I return it will be swift and unexpected and only my true bride will await my return. You see, the time that you are spending away from me, is to show you how much I love you and how much you love me. Each hurt and sorrow you go through shows your true heart. Only true hearts can bond together as one. My heart and your heart are connected already even before you see me. You sit and think about me, as I do you. We feel one another's soul and we long to be together.

      If you look at a wedding to come there are preparations that take place to prepare. The wife adorns herself so she may be beautiful for her husband to be. She takes time and looks in the mirror and makes sure to remove any spots, wrinkles or blemishes that are in her way of looking as beautiful as she possibly can. The time is now for my love, the body of Christ, to look in the mirror and wash away the dirt. You are not dirty my love. You have been battered a bit by an enemy who sought to take you from me. Pick thyself up and stand tall. Put on garments of praise and thanksgiving for you are beautiful and I will come and rescue you from this enemy. I am a jealous bridegroom and will not tolerate any other trying to steel you away from me. I ask you my love to please stay away from all manner of evil lust and desires and wait patiently for me to come. If you knew that I had gone to prepare a place for you with me, you might be a little less impatient. I have gone and I am preparing a place for us to be together as one.

The place is absolutely breathtaking. My Father will send me at the perfect time and then you will have tears of joy. No longer will your soul hunger but it will be fulfilled. I understand that you may doubt, but let me assure you, this love is real and I am coming soon. I plead with you to keep your light shining so you will not lose your way in the darkness of the world you are in. My light will shine once again when I return and the darkness will be exterminated once and for all. If you choose to walk away, I will keep reaching out to you, because my love is so deep that I can not contain it. I can never force you to marry me so it really has to be true love that prevails. Only the deepest love remains when the road gets rough. I will have none other than the truest of love, as that is the love I have for you, my bride to be. This letter is for my bride. Who is my bride? It is you my love, the one who never gave up when doubt tried to take you away. It is you my love, who lost everything in life but clung to me in hope. It is you my love, who did not understand the reasons why and yet kept close to my heart. Finally, it is you my love, the one who stood by me through it all and never walked away from me in your heart. I am coming for you my beautiful bride and when I see you I will see myself as if looking in a mirror. Why? Because we are one.




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