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Catch Me Daddy


One day there was a terrible fire in the neighborhood and it seemed as if everyone was there watching this horrific fire burning this house down.  The smoke was bellowing from the windows when we all heard a child screaming for help. Standing next to me was a man who began to yell up to the window.  He yelled as loud as he could “Baby it’s daddy, just jump and daddy will catch you”.  We watched in amazement as the child yelled back, “I can’t see you daddy, there is too much smoke and I am afraid”. Her father with complete confidence answered her back by saying “It’s alright my baby, daddy can see you so just jump and I will catch you”. The child was petrified but when she heard her father say he could see her she believed him and jumped without speaking another word. To all of our surprise the father caught her and held on as tight as he could with thanksgiving in his heart for a miraculous ending. The faith of that little child was in her father. Children blindly trust and believe. As adults we sometimes think too much and complicate situations. Let’s think about this story and remember our heavenly Father watches over us too. Think about it! Have a great day!

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