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     We have heard the message of Jesus returning for years now and for most people it is just a cry from the Jesus fanatics who seem to be obsessed. The fanatic part may be true but when watching a football game and seeing grown men scream and yell at the TV one would also say that is fanaticism. Truth is truth and if JESUS is coming back for His people then I think we should take a look at everything that is going on in this world and check out what the bible actually says. We need to come to some conclusion as to whether the Jesus fanatics may be right. I understand the screaming and yelling when a man runs over the goal with a touch down. It is exciting for the football fans but the rest of us could care less. I get it that Jesus is not top on everyone’s today list but whether you are a fan of Christ or not if He is coming back for those who have accepted him as Lord and the others will be left behind you might want to take a look at the alternative to not believing. The bible has proven itself many times over with history and predictions and once again as we enter the end times the prophetic word is proving to be accurate in what it says will happen. I for one am not looking forward to the sorrows that will come. I am excited and can’t wait for the return of Jesus. For the true believers who walk the walk and not just talk the talk it will be a touchdown when we are taken away to be with our Lord. For the unbelievers it will not just be a fumble but a time of sorrow as never before. The word of GOD tells us when the door finally shuts there will be no more entering in. Just as the time of Noah when he warned them of the flood and they mocked and laughed it will be the same today as many miss the rapture of the church. It is your birth right as a child of GOD to be with the LORD but ignoring the signs of the times and not realizing GOD is your Father will throw you into the area of disbelief. When hurricane Katrina hit the United States they had days to prepare and evacuate and some ignorant people did not heed the warning and drowned to death. Only a fool ignores the warning that is given to help protect his or her life. HEAR IS THE WARNING! JESUS IS COMING BACK FOR HIS PEOPLE! NOT THE PEOPLE WHO SAY HE IS LORD AND LIVE FOR THE DEVIL DOING THEIR OWN THING. HE IS EITHER YOUR LORD AND YOU FOLLOW HIM OR HE IS NOT! THE CHOICE IS YOURS! WHAT WILL YOU DO?

I pray your eyes and ears will open to the truth. We do not live in some made up fantasy world but we live in GOD’S world and the devil has tried to take it over and destroy it. GOD will have the final say and will take us out of here and bring this world back to the way it was intended to be from the beginning. Are you in or are you out? GOD BLESS YOU!


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