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                                             Cold Or Warm


     Sarah was a kind and loving women who always thought of others before herself. As a matter of fact she purposed in her heart to help others and to try and make life just a bit easier for those who were less fortunate than herself. Many of the people she helped were disabled and just needed to know that they were accepted just the way they were. It was not hard for Sarah to reach out but she had family members who thought she was out of line at times because many times she denied herself in order to help someone else. Sarah never minded doing without in order to bring a smile to a child who was hungry. The family just seemed to feel that it was too much. They never really accepted her for who she was and what she was called to do for others. The day came when her husband died and they all decided what they thought would be best for her. They became very protective of her and felt she should just stop what she was doing and wait. What happened next for Sarah was really miraculous but the children just could not move ahead and see that life has a way of rewarding those who give unselfishly. You see when Sarah lost her husband she was absolutely devastated. There was a plan set in motion for her to immediately become acquainted with a man who was going to replace the love she had lost. Instead of Sarah falling to pieces she found comfort from a man who loved her in the very same way her husband had. Sometimes we are so quick to come up with our own conclusions that we end up passing judgement on other people. If we are so quick to judge others because we do n ot understand we will miss out on some of life’s most amazing answers to our problems. You see Sarah went beyond her grief and saw God's  plan for her life and the reason for it. The others could not see at that time the blessing that Sarah was receiving. What Sarah lost was given back to her in another way and she was the only one who recognized it. If we choose to be cold hearted then we will miss the warmth that life has to offer and we will constantly condemn one another. We really have no understanding of a person unless we have walked in their shoes. Why don’t we just care for each other instead of judging each other? This is a true story! Think about it! Have a great day!

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