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Dealing With Death


     Death is part of our lives that we will have to deal with one day whether we like it or not. I would dare to say that most of us do not like it. We can act like it is all good when we are Christians because we believe in Jesus and salvation and heaven. I for one believe that to be truth and live my life everyday with the expectation of being in heaven where there is peace and harmony and no more sorrow. Fear of the unknown is part of the problem and fear of what we might have to go through to get to heaven. How will I die and how much suffering will I actually have to endure? These are real questions without any answers. None of us have been promised tomorrow and today truly is up for grabs. We look at what other people have gone through and it puts fear in our hearts that maybe we will have to deal with the same situation they did before they died. We watch television shows of how people survived such agonizing near death situations and that too creates thoughts in our minds. I for one do my best to stay away from thinking too much on the subject. If you listen to what the Spirit has to say you will be able to handle death with a bit more dignity and actually joy.

I think most of us have gotten sick here and there in life where we felt like we were going to die. You know what I mean when I say that because stomach bugs etc. make you feel disgusting and you wish it were all over. This subject is not my comfort zone as nobody really wants to feel ill. We have seen loved ones pass on before us and saw the suffering that we could barely take. Watching someone you love suffer is very trying and it influences our emotions very deeply. We watch and really do not fully understand why. We would change the situation if we could but we are really helpless when it comes to death. There is only one who has the final say in this and that is God. God has the ultimate decision to make with each of and our time here on earth. We feel that when people die young they were robbed of their life. I will help you I hope to realize that nobody goes without God's consent. Then why do some die so young? Some never even enter into this world but die in the womb. I am not God but I do believe in His ultimate wisdom and foresight. God knows the future and the end of each of our life and will only allow what will ultimately benefit His purpose. His purpose is only good and He can do nothing other t5han love us. We might have a problem with some of His decisions and feel slighted but I assure you there is no slighting of any of His children. The goal here is to be with Him one day free from this messed up world. If that is the end result then when we get there is really up to Him. We have to break free from our own desires of how things should be run down here. We really have to trust God with our lives. Death is all part of it. There is no way out of here accept by dying. We deal with death by life. That might sound a bit crazy to some but think about it for one minute. If this body stops functioning what happens to my soul and spirit. Do I stop existing all together? That is where fear grabs us if we are not believers in life after death. We panic over a non existence. I want to live forever so dying will stop that. I think there is enough proof over the years that there is life after death. People have died and come back to tell the truth. Once we can establish that we will leave these bodies and go elsewhere we have something concrete to hold onto. Where we go is another question. Christians believe that Jesus saved our souls from the destruction of sin so we can enter into Heaven which is Holy. Sin can not go into Holiness therefore Christ is needed to save us. If we believe that then we at least have a hope that the suffering we deal with down here will end. If we die in suffering we will escape when we leave the body. That does comfort the soul. When we get the knowledge that the suffering in this world all bring us to Christ we can even deal with that too. This is where lack of knowledge gets in the way. Most people can not understand how God uses suffering to accomplish His purpose for our lives. It was never God's intention from the beginning but after the fall of man God had no choice but to deal with evil. Evil can only do what is is permitted to do. Evil believes it can still win and tr4ys to stop the children of God all the time. Hindrances are for perfecting of the saints. That would be us. Every weapon that forms against us is used by God and will ultimately fail. If death is eminent at this moment in your life surrender to the perfect will of God. He will either heal you or heal you by taking you home to be with Him. There is no greater victory than leaving this planet earth. We fight death with our entire being and can not escape it. We are aging everyday and getting closer and closer to death all the time. It can not be stopped. Only God can step in and heal the body. It has to be in His perfect will. The faith preachers say it is always in His will to heal the sick. God is a healer I agree but many true believers have died of terrible diseases. There is no answer to that. The answer they come up with is they did not believe for healing. That is just not true. Many of those who died had healing ministries so you tell me why did they miss out on their own healing. You can not tell me they did not have faith. They had plenty of faith. It was time for them to get out of here. Sickness is never from God I agree but it is used by God all the time to lead people to Him. You see there is nothing in this world that God is not in control of. Not even death escapes the power of God. There is no shame in death or even sickness when we know God is using all of it for His Glory. We do pray for healing but God will decide who actually will be healed or who will be chosen to go home. We can ask God to spare a person's life and he will make the right decision. We are the ones who feel He does not make the right decisions for our lives. We have to get out of that and step into the Kingdom and how it functions. It is not the way of this world. The spirit realm is moving all around us all the time. The angels of God and the demons are in battle and we are part of the army of the Lord. In battle there are casualties but that is just the way it is down here. There is no death for the child of God. There is only a moving out of this body into the new body. The better body that will not age or corrupt. The transition is really quite amazing if you have ever watched with spiritual eyes. I have been by the bedside of dying Christians and seen them get excited in their soul as they were ready to fly out of here. It is a miracle that we all are alive in this world living life everyday. We are children of a Father who is the most awesome Father you could ever have. We have to stop feeling we are slighted at His decisions for our lives and recognize how loved we really are. I for one am so happy with my life that I want to continue sharing these truth to God's children. I have faced life threatening diseases and I am still here by the grace of God. I have work to do but when he tells me I am done I can not think of a better place to be than Heaven. Can you? If you really believe in Heaven there is no better place here on earth or anywhere else for that matter. Let's stop being so frightened of death and embrace life. Death is a continuation of your life you change places where you will live it. Are we ready for the day when Christ will return or for the day when we will go home? Live for Christ. He loves you and will never leave you nor forsake you. He will lead us home. Just follow Him all the days of your life and you can not lose. We are the winners in Christ. The battle is still going on but we have read the end of the book. God takes back Hid planet earth and we will reign with Him. How great is that! God bless!


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