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This will be a quick but to the point explanation of how I feel and how I believe the Lord feels about denominations. My Mother was Protestant and my Dad was Catholic. My Mother decided to baptize us Protestant because that was what she was. They did not know whether to raise us as Catholics or Protestants. My Mother decided to become Catholic just because my Dad was. It was just easier for them both to be of the same religion so my Mom switched. In her mind it was pretty much the same. We were then baptized Catholic and I remember to this day how I did not really understand the difference. We all know there are differences in some of the rules and regulations that man has put in for their own purposes. In the end God will not ask us what religion we were part of. What He will ask is what did you do with my Son, Jesus? Being part of a religious organization is not the reason we should be going to church. If you are involved in a religious church that believes on the Lord Jesus and a relationship with him the denomination is unimportant. We are all supposed to be brother's and sister’s in Christ. We should all believe what the bible tells us no matter what denomination you belong too. The separation of denominations is not scriptural and we need to all get on board as the children of God and put aside our man made differences. Either we believe in the full word of God or we do not. What am I if I have been baptized into two denominations? Am I considered a mutt in Christianity. That is a sarcastic joke meaning the joining of two breeds to create one. Am I a Protocatholic joining the two names together? Which one am I? Did I betray the Protestants? I guess I did? Did it change who I was when I became Catholic? What did I believe. I grew up believing in the bible and did not consider myself either of the two because as far as I was concerned they had too many man made doctrines that I disagreed with. Today what am I? Am I a rejection of both religions? Maybe I am. I am not rejected by Christ as a minister of His gospel I am accepted and loved. I will stand on His word and defend it. His word to me is the truth. What man says means nothing unless it follows what Christ tells us. My point which I hope you see is that your religious beliefs must line up with the word of the living God or it is meaningless. Your denomination if it is contrary to the bible you should find a place that truly follows Jesus. I am nondenominational. I just am a believer who follows the whole word of God not just what sounds good to me. The Holy Spirit is alive and is operating in this world today and should be directing every Christian to Christ to be His follower. The same way the disciples and Apostles preached and taught is the same way we should be preaching and teaching today. Not one thing has changed since then. The only thing that changed is us and what we believe. The word is truth. Miracles still happen today just as they did back then. All of it is for today. True believers are supposed to be in one mind and one accord. If we are not we need to find out why. 

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