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     We have all felt depressed in our lives. I am going to give you a revelation about it. We can all look at each other and compare our sorrows and tell ourselves that we have gone through much more than the other guy and dwell on that. Let me tell you this, there is always someone who is worse off then we are. When we think about others and there sorrow we are taking our eyes off of ourselves and it releases some of the pressure we are experiencing. Why is that? Because we were never meant to live our lives so full of ourselves that we are self indulged in our own desires and wants and needs. God in His ultimate wisdom confounds the wise and creates His own answers to life and the problems we face. The human reaction to troubling situations is to panic and fear what is next on the list of suffering. The answer is like having a baby. When the contractions start tension wells up in our body and soul and the pain increases moment by moment. Why? For one it will intensify until the baby is birthed and for two tension creates a tightening of the muscles which makes it worse. The theory behind natural child birth is to control the tension in the body which keeps the pain level as low as it can be. In pain the answer is to relax and focus on something else. That is the natural child birth classes that women take to help lesson the pain. It does work as I have done it before. There is the same basic theory when it comes to spiritual pressure. Spiritual pressure meaning how our souls are feeling when we can not cope with life. The agony we feel in our emotions is almost beyond what we can take. It is not to say we are weak either because everyone has a breaking point where they just can not deal with life. What are we to do then when life has dealt us more than enough? First we have to get out of self pity. That is the first big issue to stop. If we are so wrapped up in our feelings about a situation we will be feeling sorry for ourselves. Why me God? This is just not fair. We feel justified in it. We are not justified in it because God is the boss and we are to follow His will for our lives whether we agree with Him or not. When we can realize that God has it all under control and has a purpose for everything we go through we will calm down. Trusting in God is the key to peace in this world. We can not have peace without that truth because we will always fear tomorrow and today as we focus on all the bad things going on. Anger sets off depression. Something has happened that you do not like and you are mad about it. You know you can not change it therefore you know you just have to deal with it even though you really do not want to. Your soul knows it can not change the situations with your own power. You are at the mercy of a God who you might not even know. Maybe He is being mean to you and why has He not stepped in to help? All these feelings go through us as we try to figure out the why? There is no figuring out the why sometimes because God is way beyond our ability to know. Self pity will truly mess up what you are feeling every time. If you do battle with God and His decision for your life you will stay in depression. Surrender to Him and peace will come. Trust in Him and peace will come. Do not fight Him at every turn in your life. He is the authority over every thing and we will find this out one way or the other. Do not look to this world to find peace. You will never find it that way. Life is really not about us but Jesus. He is the King to be praised and we are the ones who are supposed to praise Him. If we do not like that it really is too bad because that is the reality of who He is and who we are. So if you want to be happy you have to let go of your will and give it to God's will for you. It may not be what you want but you will find joy in whatever decision He makes for you. God is not mean and He only has the best intentions for us. There should be nothing we hold onto in this life. It will all pass away anyway at some point. The after life with God in heaven is what we should really keep our eyes on. When we lose a loved one instead of feeling sorry for ourselves which most people do we really should rejoice in the one we love being set free from this life of sorrow. We do not want to part from them for selfish reasons. We still need them here so we feel sorry for ourselves and we can not get over it. Once again we get focused on our own emotions rather the other persons. What is the other persons emotions when they are about to leave this world? We are not even thinking about it usually because we are so focused on our loss. We have to let go of self if we want to get out of depression. There is just no other way. Let Jesus be the Lord He is meant to be for you. Stop fighting for your life and let go and let God. He will never hurt you. He is the one who will save you from yourself if you let Him. Make Him your priority today and He will comfort your soul. There is always hope for the believer but first we have to connect to God's will. Do not hold grudges and anger it only messes your soul up. Every one of us has missed the mark at times so why be so angry that depression sets in and controls you. Depression is bottled up anger at not being able to change what has happened or what is about to happen. Have a little faith in God and His choices for you. It all does work together for good. I know this to be true because I have seen Him take what was devastating to me and turn it into joy. We will never forget some of the sorrows we have experienced in this life but we can rejoice in the fact that God is real and will fix all this mess that the devil has created. What would you rather feel, joy or sorrow? You do have a choice in it you know. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the choice to believe in a God that cares for you. Step out of yourself for a moment in time and love Jesus for saving your soul from hell. Start loving Him today more than you love yourself and what you desire and you will see He will give you peace that can not be explained. 

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