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Drunken Stupor


     Millie was a Christian who had been walking with the Lord for a few years. She had her health and she felt pretty good in her life all in all. How great it was to be a child of God. She had money in the savings account and she felt quite secure about it. If a rainy day hits she felt there was sufficient enough funds to cover just about anything that could happen. It was a comfort for her and she continued to live her life praising God for all her blessings. Life was pretty darn good and in fact she was preparing for a party that was going to take place in a few weeks. It was fun to decide what kind of food to make or buy. Every one loved a good get together with laughing and fellowship. Millie was not too keen on having alcohol at the party but all her friends enjoyed a few drinks here and there so who was she to not offer them any. She was not a drinker but on occasion she would have a drink or two. It seemed harmless enough to her. She knew what she believed and God loves us just the way we are. God after all came down here and experienced being human so he definitely understands our frailties as people. Life is tough enough so why not be able to escape with a few drinks here and there. What harm is it if we socially drink.

     Preparations for the party were on the way and the day was approaching for the big event. Every one showed up and it was a great success. Drinks were going around and every one was filled with laughter. How great it was to be together with family and friends. In everyone's excitement of enjoying the evening they did not notice Uncle Tom sitting in the corner. He had been drinking quite heavily and actually had an alcoholic problem that had never been noticed. At the family get together it was expected that everyone would have a drink or two or three. Any way to make a long story short Uncle Tom left before most and nobody really noticed as he snuck out the door in a drunken stupor. The party finally came to an end and the rest of the guests and family got int their vehicles and left. Aunt Laura drove down the driveway and noticed a car off the side of the road. It was late and she couldn't really see very well if anyone was even in the car. She kept on going figuring the car was abandoned. Aunt Laura had a few drinks herself so her choices were maybe not what they should have been as she went her way. Larry left too and as he drove his vision was a bit impaired by his drinking. He almost hit another car as he swerved into the next lane. It was close but he did make it home. I could pretty much tell you stories about each of the guests on their way home but I think you get the point already. Nobody heard a word about anyone’s ride home. The party was great. Every one was ready to have another get together.

A few days went by and then the news hit everyone with an impact that changed many of their lives forever. Uncle Tom was the one whose car ended up on the side of the road that night. Every one drove right by and never stopped to see if any one was hurt. Uncle Tom had hit his head and was knocked unconscious. With the frigid temperature that evening it was not long before Uncle Tom froze to death in his car off to the side in the ditch. It was the plow men who finally found him. Wow! Every one felt guilty and never forgot what happened that night. We might think that social drinking is alright but remember we get impaired quite quickly with alcohol and unless we are aware of it needless accidents will happen. There really is no compromise with God. Think About It! Have a great day in the Lord.


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