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Emotional Baggage




      Every body in this world has what I call emotional baggage that needs to be thrown away. When we accept Christ as our Lord the Holy Spirit begins to lead us to all truth so we can be set free. Experiences in life that we have encountered create in us either positive or negative feelings. I say that the negative emotions we feel come from the enemy who is the devil. He shoots fiery darts and we are supposed to put on the full armor of God to avoid being shot and wounded. Many of the darts hit us before we even have a clue as to the spiritual side of life. Things that go on all around us that we can not see influence us every day. There is a whole spiritual world operating in our midst daily as we journey through life. Unless your eyes open to this realm of reality you remain blinded and have no defense against it. Faith is a key in accepting this truth and knowledge from the Holy Spirit. Life after death is real because we are spiritual beings in a body. The body will decay and cease to exist at some point in time but your spirit and soul will continue in another realm of eternity. There are only two places for the spirit of man to go to and that is either heaven or hell. The choice is ours as we have been given the free will to choose every day what we will believe and what we will do with our lives. Free will is so powerful if we only would get an understanding of that. If we did not have a free will then Satan would be able to push us around and we would just follow. The free will gives us the ability and the right to say, No! We can say no to the devil and we can say no to God. God made it that way so we would not be just robots following without choices. God wants us to choose who we will have allegiance to. You can’t force someone to love you and God wants our love to come from within our very soul. He sees every day who we will follow and who we really love the most. Usually it is our selves who we love the most as we choose to satisfy this flesh with whatever pleasures we can find. The abundant life that is promised to us in the word comes from our choice to love God no matter what. No conditions!

The clean up job of delivering us from these negative feelings etc. come after we know the truth and can let go of each hindering feeling we have. Are you ready to receive the truth? There is much to understand about how the devil hits us and knocks us out. You have the choice to hold on to each hurt from life or forgive and be healed. Move ahead and allow God to love you and show you how wonderful it is to walk in His Kingdom.

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