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What Are Fiery Darts?






The word talks about seeds being planted in the parable of the sower which is in Matthew 13:1-9. The explanation of this parable is also in Matthew 13:18-23. The seeds are words that are spoken to us in our lives. We listen to words every day that are spoken from other people that we encounter throughout our day. We hear these words and we receive them into our heart and soul. Positive words are great but negative words are what I call soul killers. Depending on what we do with every word we hear it can either make us or break us. We use faith to either believe them or not. But each and every word that we hear affects us one way or the other. We are supposed to take the word of God and let those seeds grow. We are told in scripture to put up our shield of faith to stop the fiery darts from the devil. What if you have a bunch of fiery darts that have penetrated your soul? What do you do about it when it has influenced your very being? This teaching is about to blow your mind when you realize the spiritual world is influencing you every day and most of us have no idea what we are dealing with. Good and evil are operating and touching our spiritual being all the time. Get ready to have your eyes opened up to reality. The supernatural realm is real. God and the devil are very real. I have witnessed first hand the supernatural realm that has become the natural to me.





What I am about to tell you will transform your very existence if you listen with your heart rather than your mind. When it comes to the world of the supernatural realm we are very skeptical and we really have a hard time believing in what we do not see. I am about to tell you things that might blow your mind but they are as real as you and I are. If you receive what the Holy Spirit is about to reveal to you, you will walk into the Kingdom of God right hear on earth and get set free from negative spiritual influences that are around us all the time.

The word of God tells us in John 15:19 that we are in this world but not of this world. That statement pertains to the children of God and not those who disbelieve in Jesus. If you do not consider yourself a Christian then you probably will think this is all bologna and either out of curiosity you will read this or put this back on the shelf. As children of God we do believe in the supernatural because the Holy Spirit is a person who dwells in our spirit and He is part of the spirit world. He is the third person of the Trinity and is the one who Jesus said would come after He left. The Holy Spirit is the person who leads us to all truth and this book is the truth which He led me to. I am about to show you the spiritual world and how it functions.

There are nine supernatural gifts that the Holy Spirit gives us so we can live the abundant life that Jesus promised us. When the term supernatural is mentioned we tend to only associate it with ghosts, demons and evil. The Holy Spirit performs supernatural tasks every day and they are for our benefit as the children of God. The word supernatural is used because whatever takes place is definitely not of this natural realm and goes beyond what we would recognize from the things of this world. The world that is functioning in the spiritual realm is just as real as what we can see.

One of the nine supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit is discerning of spirits. This gift allows you to see into the spiritual world and when it is operating the person is able to either see or know that there is demonic activity going on or angelic activity going on or they will be able to know what a person’s soul is feeling. This gift is extremely important when praying for someone to be healed as it opens the eyes to the real problem. The prayer can be specific and the person can get set free from whatever has taken a hold on them. It can manifest in us at any time as the Spirit sees the need. I have been given this gift by the Holy Spirit and it has become so real to me that I am amazed myself at what is happening around us on a daily basis. We have no idea unless we can see into this realm.

You are about to enter into the spiritual twilight zone and this is not a television show but a true reality. This is not to put fear in your heart but to make you aware of the spiritual world that is operating around us and is influencing us whether we know it or not. I know it because I have seen it and have also seen the miraculous results when a person is set free from the torment that the evil one put on them. The world is filled with angels and demons. One group works for God and the other for the devil. I am sure I do not have to explain the difference between the two.

The word of God tells us that Jesus came to set the captives free by healing the broken hearted and setting those who have been bruised free. He cast out demons and healed the sick. Our soul which is the thinking and feeling part of our being is like a computer and whatever is programmed into it becomes reality to us until we learn different. We have to delete all the negative programs through prayer and healing and that is amazing to see. Let me explain what I am telling you.

An example of what I am talking about. Little Johnny lives in a home with his parents and Dad is an alcoholic. Every night after Dad has had a few too many he becomes extremely agitated and begins to mouth off at his son. He begins to tell his son how stupid he is and will never amount to anything. This actually is the Father talking about himself with the feelings he has about his own life. In frustration he has to vent his anger at someone. Johnny who is only three has no defense against these harsh words because at this age he does not know what truth is. He receives every thing that his Father tells him because on a spiritual level his Father should be the one protecting his soul rather than destroying it. The word calls these fiery darts from the enemy and we are supposed to put up a shield of faith to stop them from penetrating our souls. Johnny is too young to even know this truth. Dad should be the one who is teaching this child about God and protecting him from harm. Dad is being influenced by the evil one so poor little Johnny has no choice but to be abused. When we come into the reality of God and Jesus we begin to learn the truth so we can be set free from all of these darts that have hit our souls and have grown. The lie that Johnny is stupid has carried itself in his soul for years and he has struggled because of it not even having a clue as to how the devil has side swiped him in life. I am trying to tell you that we have all been side swiped by the negative lies and harsh words that have been planted in our soul. These negative seeds grow. They are the fiery darts that the enemy throws at us and if we do not put up the shield of faith these darts do penetrate our souls and grow as negative seeds. Read the scripture verses in Ephesians 6:10-17 where it speaks about the darts. We think that the way we act is our personality when in reality it is not. The personality that God gave us is totally different from the personalities we usually end up with. With all of the fiery darts that have hit us over the years we end up fearful, anxious nervous wrecks most of the time. Fear, trauma, and low self-esteem come from lies that we received because we did not know any better. God has a whole other truth that we need to learn so we can receive healing and be set free and have the Godly personalities we were intended to have.



The Dark Side


In order to be able to be set free I have to show you how the dark side functions. I hate the devil but we have to know our adversary in order to defeat him. The spiritual world really opened up to me after I went through trauma in my life and totally had to depend on God. Let’s put it this way I died to myself and had no other purpose but God. I lost everything including my husband who past away. It made my spiritual eyes open up as I realized how short this life is. The bottom line is what is really important? I realized that my relationship with the Holy Spirit was what I needed and was actually what I really desired. I had been a Christian for many years but after I went through the trauma that I did, I drew closer to God and then my heart was completely opened to the world of His Kingdom. How exciting it is to see God’s Kingdom functioning side by side with evil and to see the power of God come in and push out the darkness from our lives. I am not saying we are evil but we are either one with our Father God or we are of our Father the devil. Whose side are you on?

I will not say I am an expert in knowing the dark side but I have been seeing how it functions by watching demons and what they do. The fiery darts that the evil one throws at us will hit your soul or your body if you do not use faith to disbelieve his report. Most of us have no clue how he does this. I have seen results from prayer with the anointing to cast out demons.

First I would like to say that the negative seeds in our soul are not actual demons. I have seen them as dark circles that just pop out of the soul when rebuked and healing is prayed for. These are things we believe that are lies. It can be anything from feeling unloved to believing you are stupid. What happens is the Holy Spirit reveals the persons soul and the damage that was done. The damage was the spoken lie that you as an individual heard and believed. That word just like a planted seed took root in your soul as a negative seed and grew. Once revealed by God what that negative seed is you pray for God to heal that lie with the truth and the dark seed just comes out and leaves. The person no longer feels that negative emotion. It is a supernatural removal of the weed that was planted in the person’s soul by the power of God through the name of Jesus. It is miraculous because once the healing takes place the person feels totally different. I see it happen all the time and I have also been set free from negative feelings. They are lies that you feel in your emotions and are opposite from what God wants us to feel. We all have emotions that we feel but when an emotion takes control of your life there can be freedom because of the sacrifice our Lord has made on the cross.

It can be more involved and more intense as sometimes demonic beings latch onto a person’s soul too. Once again healing and deliverance take place by commanding them in the name of Jesus to come out. The person has to want to be free or a demon has the right to stay. Our free will can either work for us or against us. Make sure you use your free will to fight for freedom rather than accept the lies of the devil. This world is filled with lies and deception. The devil keeps as quiet as he can so we are unaware of how he lurks around trying to destroy us. Most of the time we accept what he sends because we just believe that this is the way it is here on earth. Let me tell you that here on earth the Kingdom of God is more real than what we see happening around us every day. Eternity is forever. Our life on earth ends and then what happens? Our spirit leaves this body and moves into the spiritual realm with either God or the devil. As for me I am going with my Father God. Hell was created for the devil and his demons but because man is so stubborn and self involved he chooses to follow paths that lead him right into hell. Man chooses evil rather than good. If you are bound and feel messed up there is hope for you. The hope is through Jesus and the healing He promises us. The Holy Spirit will lead you to the truth so you can be free. There is nothing impossible to God. All you have to do is connect with the truth that there is a God and He loves you. God is a spirit and the spirit world that He exists in is more real than this world. Let us move on and step into this spiritual world.

I explained how lies in your soul come out looking like dark holes or circles. I have seen them pop out through prayer and know they are real because the person stops feeling those negative feelings immediately once the seeds leave. You might think this is ridiculous but if you think about your feelings where do they come from and why do you feel them? Again you have to think of how you react when you hear things. Your soul feels something every time a person talks to you. Your soul also feels when you are thinking of something. You can sit by yourself and cry when you are thinking of something sad. These can just be your thoughts but they can be attacks from the devil too. It all depends on your life and what you have been through. Every situation can be different. Discernment is required to know how to pray and what to pray for. Once the Holy Spirit shows you then you ask the Father to fill that dark lie with the truth. I have seen children be set free from negative emotions just because of trauma they have been through. Parents who did not want a child to be born and expressed these feeling during the pregnancy will bring a child into this world with negative seeds in their soul. I know for a fact that this happens because I have personally prayed for infants who had eating problems because of feeling rejected and once prayed for immediately the problem was solved. I know it sounds unbelievable but I have witnessed it first hand. I myself was healed from issues from my childhood. This is real. If Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted what does that mean? It means our heart gets broken and healing is needed to set us free. Do you want to be free? You can. God loves you and is leading you to the truth.

Why do demons need us? Demons are spiritual beings who can not function unless they have a body to use. They are floating around this world in the spiritual realm and until they inhabit a body they are unable to truly function. The Holy Spirit is a spiritual person too and needs our bodies to accomplish His mission in this world. It is no different from the demons accept one in Holy and one is perverse. Demons cling to our emotions and our bodies. It depends on how open you are to them. If you are ignorant then they will come in through our vulnerabilities and begin to manifest their personalities. They will act out any perversion they choose to if we allow it. They sneak in and we begin to believe that it is our personality that is coming out when in fact it is the demons. Think of times in your life when you acted and it seemed like you were acting different then the way you really thought you would. That could have been an influence other than yourself. If you were a ghost and needed to speak to someone in this realm how would you do it? You would influence the person in any way you could to get you point across. That is exactly what they do. They float around us influencing our emotions and if we give into the feelings then they will stick around for as long as they can. They make us their home. That sounds sick but it is true. They have no home or dwelling place and they know they are doomed to hell once things wind down in this world. For now they are desperate to manifest their filthiness. It disgusts me to think that they have attacked me over the years and I had no clue. They lurk around seeking whom they may devour. Lack of knowledge is usually how they get us. Lack of faith and walking in the world rather than the Kingdom of God gives them access too. If you dabble in the enemies territory they will move in too. We have the power in the name of Jesus to command them to stay away from us. Most Christians do not even believe they can attack us. That could not be more untrue. We are the target because we are the ones the devil hates the most. If the devil can convince us that we are not under attack then he can sneak in for the kill. The spiritual world is always looking for people to influence. This is why the Kingdom of God is the only safe place to be. We must walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and know the truth so we can stay free or get free.

I know all this to be true because I myself have been attacked and have gotten set free. The emotions are where the negative seeds can be planted and grow. Once the seed grows and you begin to take on that lie then the enemy can send a demon to make sure you stay messed up. How many people do you know who can tell a spirit to leave your body or who even believe it. Jesus cast out demons. There are many different demons out there with many different personalities. If you are not in control of your emotions and you do not understand why you are always feeling a certain way that is not right then it is possible you need to be set free. You can be oppressed from doubt, fear, depression, anger,lust and any other negative feeling you come up with. Does it mean we all have demons? No. Not unless it is an everyday thing you just can't seem to get out of. Our personalities should not be full of misery. If they are then there is a problem. These demons can even hit our bodies with diseases. Once again they are spiritual beings who need to use our bodies to function. They do not care if you are Christian or not. Unless you keep your protective shield up they will attack and succeed until you find out the truth and take your authority and tell them to leave. They really have no right to touch us unless we allow it. My body and soul belongs to God my Father. No devil has the right to touch it. We are sinners saved by grace and we do allow our emotions to get the better of us at times so we have to really be aware and keep the shield of faith up. Do not let your guard down by living the way of the world. Step into the Kingdom of God and stay there. You will be led to all truth so that the truth will set you free. I could probably go on forever in this area because there is so much we do not know. I have seen a soul get delivered from demons. It is so beautiful to see the person feel free from the emotion that has torn them apart for years. The negative seeds that come out are just lies we feel in our emotions. Maybe you feel unloved because at one point in your life you believed that. Now you feel unloved all the time and don't know why. That could be demonic or it is just a negative seed that has shot you and penetrated your soul. They just pop out as I said before with prayer and then are replaced with the truth. That feeling actually leaves and you will stop feeling unloved. The Father some how with His awesome power heals the soul. A new seed gets planted and grows. We all need the old seeds and weeds to be removed and we need to plant seeds of truth and love. Our souls need to flourish with the word of the living God. Are you ready? The more you learn the closer you get to freedom. The bible tells us that the Holy Spirit leads us to all truth and that the truth would set us free. Without the truth we can not be free. Our belief system is what makes us or breaks us. If I believe I am going to die then I will live with that my whole life and one day I will be right but it will torment me. If I believe that nobody really loves me then I will be sad all the time. If I believe I am a loser then I will never try to win. If I believe there is no God then I will stay in darkness until I see the truth. What is the truth for you? Whatever it is is what you believe and live your life by. Either Jesus is the Son of God or He is not. I believe He is and I have seen miracles because of it. I see demons and how they manifest themselves. You might think I am nuts but I have seen the deliverance power of God because it is the truth. I saw my own son come back from the dead when he was born. The doctors could not revive him and when I said my son will not die in the name of Jesus he took a breath. There is no other explanation for that except the power is in the name of Jesus. You can either believe that or not. You see I know what I saw and I know what I see every time I pray for a person to be healed. This is all real and we are part of God's Kingdom right here on earth. If you think life is boring then you are not walking in the Kingdom of God with the power of the Holy Spirit. Keep on learning and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. God Bless You!

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