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       Julie had stashed away $50.00 in her draw for Christmas presents for her children this year. Things were really tight financially and she was going to save as much as she possibly could for their Christmas. Her children were her life especially after the divorce. With only two months until Christmas she figured she could put enough away to at least have some presents under the tree. The children were still young enough not to really know what expensive gifts were so that was good. Julie went to visit her friend one particular afternoon and it just so happened that her friend’s mom called and her electric was going to be shut off. Unless the mom came up with $50.00 the lights were going out. Julie listened to the dilemma and knew that the woman was elderly and the thought of her having no lights and heat was rather upsetting to her. As she stood there the thought popped into her head about the $50.00 she had put in the draw for her children. What if she gave it to this woman and then her children had no Christmas. She also knew that Christmas was several months away and why should she worry about tomorrow when there was a need today. She felt a tugging at her heart to just go ahead and give the money. The decision was made and she ran home and brought back the money. Her friend got teary eyed as the call was made to mom with the help that was needed. By the way Julie did have the best Christmas ever for her children. Friends came out of nowhere that year and just gave from their hearts too. This is a true story! Think about it! Have a great day!


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