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     David and Louise were one week away from getting married. The preparations were made, the reception hall was booked, and the couple was excited about getting married. Family members were flying in from all over just to be there for them.  Louise had a dream during that week and all the wedding plans were foiled in her dream. As upsetting as the dream was it was just a dream and it made her realize the importance of love and the two becoming one on that day. That night on the news a prediction of a hurricane hitting their area two days before their scheduled marriage was rather disturbing.


The hurricane was supposed to be powerful and chances of lights going out were quite possible. Family members had to fly in early and stay with them or chance not being able to get to the wedding. The hurricane did come and go and left the entire area without power. The church was powerless, the wedding reception hall was powerless and Louise remembered the dream and held onto the true meaning of marriage. She took her key board and put batteries in and taped the wedding march for the church. They got candles to place around the church for lights. The reception hall was closed and without power so they searched the area to see if anything was open for their celebration dinner.


To their amazement there was only one place that had lights and room to bring in the wedding party and family members for dinner. Amongst the popcorn and Popeye cartoons they laughed and celebrated feeling thankful that there was room enough for them. They realized what was really important in life that day. The wedding was one to remember and twenty five years later they were still very much in love and celebrating the oneness that took place in spite of Mother Nature stepping in to foil the plans.


This is a true story! Think about it! Have a great day!

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