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                                                            God Is Right



The title says it all. Many of us do not really want to hear that because we want to do things our own way. If God is God and He created us to be His children then He is the parent. Would that not be right? What is the role of a parent? We all know that answer too. Just as we got angry at our parents we do the same thing with God. When we are told from the bible we should not be doing something we get a chip on our shoulder. The more rebellious of a personality you have the harder you will be to teach submission as a child of God. Why do I have to submit to anything? Submitting to God means to follow His rules. They were not put into existence to hurt us but to keep us safe from evil. The laws of the land can be a pain at times too but break them and we all know what happens. Are the rules mean when they tell us we can not assault an individual? Can the rules be annoying when we have to stop at a stop sign when nobody else is around. It may seem aggravating if you are in a hurry but the rule has to be out there to make everyone stop and look and see if it is safe to move ahead. God tells us certain things in His word so we can live a fruitful life. Fruitful meaning peaceful and righteous. Righteous meaning doing what is the right thing. What is the right thing to do? That is what we learn from our parents and that continues into learning what God requires from us. God just wants us to love Him. He really only wants us to be as happy as we can in this fallen world that He will fix when Jesus returns. The fall of man started this whole struggle and the return of Christ will put it back the way it was supposed to be. Until then we have a purpose here in this world as part of the Kingdom of God. His Kingdom is operating all the time and it will pass you by if you do not see it. What does God really want from us? He wants our love and faithfulness to Him as our Father. He wants us to know He loves us and everything He uses for His glory in perfecting us to be His true children. As parents don't we want our children to love us and accept us for who we are? God is no different. When we rebel He has no choice but to discipline us. That is when we get really mad when situations arise that we have no control over. Our first question is why would God allow this if He loves me so much? That is where we lack the information we need to see the picture clearly. God is at war with Satan. Satan is not finished yet in this world and we are in this battle too. Jesus came and took back the rights that Satan stole but the enemy still has rights here. Until Jesus comes back and takes back planet earth from him we will be part of this war and battle. There will be casualties in the war but the win is ours. It has been written the beginning and the end and we win as the children of God. God was right from the beginning and will be right in the end of this world as we know it. Read James 1 verse 19-27. The only way for us to be at peace in this life is to be a child of God and allow His presence to be part of us. The Holy Spirit is the one leading us to all truth. What is the truth? The truth is that God is your Father. He is the parent and we are the children who need to obey Him. His rules are to keep us safe whether we believe that or not. His rules are not so we can not have fun. They are to keep us from becoming bound to evil and it's control on us. We feel that God's rules keep us from having fun. That is the biggest lie the devil has put out there. There is no fun when it takes control of your life. Peace is freedom and knowing that your Father is pleased with you. Stop rebelling and allow God to just love you. He is right you know. Trust in that love and stop being angry at your life. If you are contented with your life than realize that God has blessed you and you need to acknowledge all the wonderful things He has done for you. Praise and thanksgiving would be nice to give to a Father who sent His only Son to come and save us from damnation. You can either believe that or not. Once you realize it is all truth your life will never be the same. It will be a learning process that only takes you into a greater relationship with your Father. You will find peace in the midst of the storms of this life. Until Jesus comes back and fixes this mess we need to stay as close as we can to our protector. Who is our protector? Our Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The angels of God are here to help us whenever we need it to. I would like to end this with a profound statement. Jesus came into this world to show us the truth. He told us what was right and wrong. He explained Himself and openly showed mankind how much He loved them by doing miracles and feeding the needy. Man in it's rebellion and not wanting to listen to God hung Him on a cross and killed Him. Man could not even listen to God when He was right in front of them showing them His love. That is pretty pathetic. God is right! We better start getting the truth before it is too late for the us. The door will shut when Jesus comes back and those who continued to do it there own way ignoring the warning signs will not get in. They will not get in because they never took the time to know Jesus. They had no interest in God . All they wanted was to please them selves and find the pleasures of this life rather than connect with what would come after. We can not get in without Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by Him. Why is that? Because He and only He can wash away our sinful lives so we can be considered Holy enough to enter heaven. We are all sinners that get saved by accepting Christ and His sacrifice. This is not just some fairy tale we are making up. It is the truth! God is right! We all need to listen and obey!

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