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Life has a way of giving us golden opportunities to look beyond what we see and appreciate the spiritual meaning to it. We all live our every day lives without ever searching our souls to see who we really are and why are we here. Really, why are we here? I have been a minister for many years now and have only now truly begun to see this world as part of God’s eternal kingdom. Most of the time we are looking to escape life and the sorrows and sufferings by camouflaging them with worldly things. We drink, eat, take drugs, and have sexual relations with people who we really have no connection to. We do it all just to enjoy some kind of pleasure. Does it really satisfy the soul though? I like to eat but once I have eaten the piece of cake I want another one. There is really nothing in this world that truly comforts and satisfies our longing to be loved. We find friends and people who we believe are our friends but the bottom line is most of the time they walk away if things get too difficult to handle. Even when we get married and believe with all of our hearts that we are loved by that person it can turn sour at any time. Let’s face it life can turn sour at any moment and we are left in the dark to fend for ourselves. Those who we think love us we find can’t take the heat when the fire gets turned up. They walk away and make excuses as to why they deserted you. Reality is that we are in this world and are supposed to be walking as the children of God with our Father guiding us each step of the way. Every one of us has a purpose and until we see that we are part of the Kingdom of God we will flounder around feeling unloved and unneeded. This Kingdom I am talking about is God’s Kingdom and it is functioning here on earth. The bible tells us we are in the world but not part of this world. That means we walk by a truth that passes all understanding according to the way we were taught. The Kingdom of God tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. Well that just sounds like foolishness because it is the opposite most of the time as to what we are actually seeing and experiencing. What is the real truth. The truth is what God tells us in His word. Every day there are opportunities to share His love and make a difference. The difference is that we are the children of Almighty God and we have life and love to share wherever we go. If we would for one minute stop looking at all of our downfalls and search into our hearts we could find peace and look at life as a blessing rather than a miserable existence. Treasuring this world and the beauty that God put into His creation is so amazing that for all of eternity we could keep on meditating and never finish. Love goes a long way in an empty society that has more questions than answers. If I tried to understand every thing that is going on in my life right now I would drive myself crazy. Sometimes there are no real answers and all we have is our blind hope and faith in a God who we believe loves us. Tell me what else is there if we don’t believe in God and His goodness? The bible tells us a fool says there is no God. Look around and tell me that all of what we see just came out of no where. We miss the golden opportunities in life to just love one another without conditions. Most of us will not just love unless we are receiving something back. You see God just loves us. I would ask that you take a look around at nature and the beauty it in. I would then ask you to see beyond the trees and the grass and the flowers and search your heart to see God. Let Him love you through His son Jesus by acknowledging that He really does exist and is coming back again as the scriptures tell us. When you look at life and realize that at any moment in time it could end, life becomes more precious than ever. You stop complaining about every little thing that happens and you begin to look for the blessings that are in disguise. The otherwise unnoticed miracles that we are given every day and the small blessings that are handed to us each day by our Father God. These are the blessings that are part of God’s Kingdom which is all around us. If we are spiritually aware and take notice we will see them all the time. Jesus told us plain and simple in the scriptures that the Kingdom of God is at hand. In other words here it is. Walk in it today and stop and smell the roses. Instead of being angry at that person because you feel they have wronged you take a look deeper and see if just maybe they had no idea they hurt you or maybe it was just the situation that created the mess and nobody intended to hurt anyone. It just happened and that is all part of this fallen world we are in. If we enter into God’s Kingdom we have the chance to live in peace and harmony if we go beyond all the hurts and sorrows and keep our eyes on the peace maker, who is Jesus. We have golden opportunities every day to walk in this world but not of this world as we share the love of God with one another. The only way to truly do that is to stop feeling sorry for yourself which we all do at times and see if maybe you have something to contribute. Even a smile touches a person’s soul. How about we touch another person’s soul today as we step into the Kingdom of God and love one another? Take your opportunity today and forgive someone who has hurt you. Let’s begin to do things the way God has told us too so we can truly receive our blessings from heaven. God bless you and may you be blessed today and everyday!


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