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Good Morning My Bride To Be



     To My Dearest Love, I looked down upon you this morning as you awoke. I could see that your soul seemed a bit sad. I too know the feeling of longing as we wait to be with one another. I have much patience while I await the marriage feast that is surely to come soon. My longing to be with you is almost unbearable at times but I know with assurance that the delay will not be much longer. My Father has spoken to my heart and told me the time is near for the sounding of the trumpet. I would ask you to please make sure the oil in the lamp is full. I would not want the darkness to over come you when the sound is given for me to return for you. I so long to be with you as you long to be with me. I recognize the agony in your soul. It is alright my love as I will deliver you from every tear you have ever shed. Your face will shine with gladness and the smile that will appear on your beautiful face will light up my soul for eternity. You look at how you feel most of the time because it is natural for you. If you take the focus off of your feelings and realize that I too feel a sense of loss you will understand how true my love really is for you. Life has a way of clouding the truth. My Spirit will lead you to me all the time. He will keep comforting you until we meet again and walk in the cool breeze of the garden. There will be no more cold that is so bitter you can hardly continue. I watch and wait too for us to be together. Keep your eyes on me and allow me to fill your soul with my love each and every day. Even though we are apart we really are connected by my Holy Spirit. You can have fellowship with me even though I am not there. These letters of inspiration help while we both await the marriage feast. I promise you that time will not delay my return. The Father has told me all is on schedule and the supper will be ready. He has invited all to the supper who truly love me. My true bride will be waiting for my return. I love you so much that words do no justice. Search within your very soul and feel my everlasting love for you. Be excited at my coming! It will be swift and you and I will be together for ever. No one will ever be able to separate us again. We will be filled with joy and celebrate our union for eternity. I so wait with patience for this day to come. I pray that you my love keep a watch for my return. Until we meet in the air. Shalom! Peace be with you!



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