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     I have been battling with sadness because I went through a lot of tribulations that affected my emotions. I am actually very content in my life but deep in my core I could not release the sorrow I felt because of all the sad things that happened to me. I would want to be happy but it seemed every time I allowed joy to come in I would think about the sorrows in my life and revert back. Part of me felt like I should be sad because people that I dearly loved were still very sad and why should I be happy when they were sad. It really was a battle for me. Our emotions are very strong and can really screw us up. We really have to know what is the right way to feel in life and how to get free. We can not take the burdens of others upon ourselves even when we love them. God is quite capable of loving all His children without our help. We are to love one another yes but we are not the ones who can make someone happy. We can contribute to someones happiness but if they choose sorrow you can try all you want and they will ultimately stay sad. Depression and sadness are soul killers and eventually the body takes a tole and starts to break down because of sadness. The scriptures tell us to rejoice in the Lord always. Why should we rejoice in the Lord always when we have circumstances that are disturbing? God is the authority over our outcome and He has chosen His children who will be conformed into the image of Jesus. Everything we go through is perfecting us and we will end up in God's purpose for our lives one way or the other. We must believe that God has our best interest at heart and even though we suffer in this world because of sin and evil we will escape at some point in time. The rejoicing has to do with Jesus who is our King if we choose to follow Him. There is great joy in knowing He delivers us from all evil one way or the other. Sadness is a choice and so is happiness. You can chose to be miserable which is the way most of the world is unless they are using worldly means to cover up their true feelings. What I mean by worldly means is drinking ,drugs, sex and anything else you want to put in that place that makes you get some kind of pleasure. There is pleasure in praising God as that is what we are supposed to do as human beings who He created. We have no idea because the world has sucked us in so deep that we believe that is our source of joy. The world is our source of sorrow as it has no lasting happiness and everything you do to be happy in this life is fleeting. That means it lasts but for a moment and then you are miserable again. What is the solution to this problem? GOD! He is the only answer and the only one who can give you true joy. Why is that so? Because God is our creator and He has a plan for us and still does. If we would only let Him be the Father that He is we would finally realize that joy is a feeling that comes from being one with God through the Holy Spirit. We fight that most of our lives because we want to be individuals and we feel that surrendering to God will take away our freedom. That could not be more untrue. Giving our lives over to the Lord is the only way to be totally free. This life will end one day and all the so called pleasures we experienced will be meaningless unless we lived for God. My battle to be happy has been hard because I feel I should be sad for the sorrow of others at times. My heart feels for people and their hurts but I do not have the right to take on my life the burdens of God and when I realized that I was being convinced by a lie that I should not be happy I felt like Scrooge when he appreciated life after being shown what he had done wrong. I was not truly rejoicing in my Lord and feeling sicker and sicker because of it. Guilt and sadness are killers. They target the body of Christ and the world to destroy the joy that God gives us as His children. If you look at each trial and tribulation as God allowing this to further your relationship with Him you will not be so willing to complain or get angry. Laughter does good like a medicine the word tells us because it makes our being function the way it was created to. Healing is the children s' bread and when joy is part of your soul the body will function better. After all God put healing in our bodies. When the body has a healing problem God will bring you to the source so you can be well again. If not He will rescue us one way or the other. Going home we will all do one day either when we are old or when illness threatens us and destroys the temple. What I have learned is the temple will function better when you are happy. It functions better because joy should be a part of our life. That is the way God intended for it to be. Let God love you today and rejoice in the fact that you are loved. Let go of anger, sadness, resentment and anything that makes you feel lousy and embrace the Holy Spirit and His personality. He gives us joy, peace, patience, faith, and all the positive feelings we are meant to live with here on earth. It is not impossible to be happy. I have been soaking happiness in and have been feeling more alive. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? I am. How about a change? I am pleading to the true believers of Christ to stop being sad and embrace joy as part of your everyday experiences. Try it you will like it. So what if your prayers have not been answered yet. In the long run does it really matter if we ever get what we desire down here? We will be with God and never ever cry a tear again once we leave this world. Get ready for the return of Jesus and rejoice. Again I say rejoice! God Bless you!


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