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                                                                          HELP MY SOUL


My soul and your soul are all part of what we call being human. We were created with a spirit, a soul and a body. Most of us know this and have heard it for years. What does it actually mean and how do we as people function in this world with a soul, a body and a spirit. We know that in death the body stops. Nobody can dispute that. We are more than just a body with our minds thinking all day long about whatever. I think I can explain it so we can all get it. I got it and now I understand why I do the things I do. I realize that we all have different personalities and most of that comes from our environment and the people who influenced us in life. I am sure there are family traits that get carried down. All of these things create who we are today. We all make choices and what is the factor that makes us decide one way or the other? There are many times when we know we have made a wrong choice and we do it anyway. There are times when we want to do one thing but we do another. It is like one big battle we go through. Are there any real answers to this? I believe there are? I came into this world as an unwanted pregnancy and from the moment of my birth I was insecure. I grew up never really believing I was loved. I tried over and over again to be the perfect person but saw myself fail all the time in my striving for perfection. It was quite upsetting to me when I would try so hard at being just right at everything I did. I was the A student and well liked among my piers but still felt very rejected. I entered into relationships that did not help my cause of feeling unloved. They only added to my dilemma of believing nobody really loved me. I could not accept love because it just was not real to me. I desired to find my knight in shining armor who would sweep me off of my feet but ended up empty most of my life. It was not until I came to the realization that Jesus actually loved me just the way I was. It still did not penetrate into my soul. You see the soul is the thinking part of our being. It is influenced by our body and our spirit. The spirit keeps us alive as it is the life force given by God. The body keeps us moving if it is not disabled and the soul thinks about all of it and tries desperately to come up with answers. The soul does not have the ability in itself to understand God or His ways. Only the spirit which is where the Holy Spirit comes in can we know the truth. That truth will lay dormant in the child of God until he or she realizes He exists. The Holy Spirit leads us to all truth. It takes time for our souls to get it. It depends on how much of an influence your soul has had from evil. Let me explain what I mean by that. The enemy is out trying to get us to believe all the opposite truths of God. He has studied man for a long time and knows how to do it. The Holy Spirit though has all the power and love to keep on motivating us in the right direction so we can achieve the goal of being the true children of God. The Holy Spirit will move heaven and earth to get you home where you are meant to be. The home I am talking about is not heaven itself yet but the Kingdom of God right here on earth. Here we have the Holy Spirit moving our human spirit. We have our bodies which are influenced by evil. We have our soul like a computer just picking up whatever is being programmed into it. We have the free will which is a true blessing from God whether we believe that or not We can choose what to listen to in our lives and we can choose what to do with our lives everyday. That is freedom. When the body feels ill our soul reacts to it. Most of us get cranky as we are suffering in some way and we do not like it. When people are around us that are annoying our souls feel agitated. When we are in peaceful settings our soul settles down and can feel joy or comfort. All of these feelings and situations are about life and they all create who we are. Once we understand that, we can follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, rather than our own desires and wants. We will stop fighting the will of God for our lives. You see our souls were meant to worship the Lord our God. That is why we are so messed up because we are not doing it on a regular basis. Actually most people are not doing it at all. They have no clue. Only the Christians have some clue. We do not even know what worship really is. Our souls are so sick we do not even know it. I found out how sick my soul really was. I found out why I was so miserable in my life even though I loved the Lord. My soul was being influenced by the enemy and I had no clue. I had to let go of me and discover the real truth about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My soul had to be delivered from all the lies it had been taught since I was born. I had to reprogram my soul with the truth. What is truth? It is the word of God and it is what we need to learn and believe. We can not just travel through life in the darkness without running into things along the way. The things we run into the most are all kinds of obstacles that want to keep us from coming into the Kingdom where we belong as the children of God. Let God show you who He truly is. Let Him heal your brokenness with His love today! Only God can set us free by the power of His Spirit through what was done for us on the cross. What was done for us? Jesus came down from heaven and took our place as sinners so we could be accepted by a Holy God. Sin can not stand in the presence of Holiness. God is Holy and the only way we can ever be with Him is if sin is gone. Since we are sinners by nature something has to wash away the sin part of us. That would be Jesus. Only the true children of God will ever understand what I am saying. Your soul has been attacked and will constantly be attacked by an enemy who wants to keep you bound up. In order to be free we must break the strong holds that the enemy has put on us. It is done in prayer and worship of the Lord. He will set the captives free. He and only He can change what the evil one has done to us. You are loved by God my brother or my sister and you are called to be part of the Kingdom of the Almighty. Do not let your body sway you in a wrong direction. Do not let your soul become so angry that you do not care. Listen to the Holy Spirit. If you do not know Him ask Him to come into your heart. Ask Jesus to come into your life and allow Him to take over and clean up the mess we have created in our lives. We have made some really bad decisions over the years. We all have done things we are not proud of. That is alright because we can start over with Christ. We will strive for perfection but only with the Holy Spirit as the guide can we accomplish our purpose here on earth. Until we all meet in the air with the coming of the Lord may God bless you! There are more teachings on this web site that will help you in your getting delivered from the wrong influences in life. Keep the Faith!

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