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Her Motto


     Linda had been through hell in the last six months. Her husband died, she lost all of her income, her family walked out of her life because they got angry at her and she was then diagnosed with cancer. She was on the verge of losing her house too and the man whom she had met and fell in love with after the death of her husband was the only one who stood by her side through all of this turmoil. Linda refused to feel sorry for herself and she just kept walking ahead believing that life is wonderful no matter what happens, if we do not only focus on the bad things. You see her motto in life is if life throws bad things at you just believe that good things will happen. In other words life can be hard but it is what we do with it every day that makes it either miserable or wonderful. To Linda life is wonderful and she treasures every moment she has to be alive. Let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start living each day as if it were our last and we will appreciate it much more than we do. That is how Linda lives her life and she is truly happy. This is a true story! Think about it! Have a great day!

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