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Beware Of Deception



     You know them by their fruit! Mathew 7:13-23 tells us and warns us of false preachers and those that say they believe in the Lord but are not truthful. They are in the churches sitting in the seat next to you. There is only one way to be sure and that is to follow what Jesus tells us. We need to see how they are acting and what they are doing in their lives. They may be operating with what seems to be the gifts of the Spirit but are not. If there is no fruit from what they do, then discernment is needed.

     I had a women jump up to pray for me and I was the Pastorof the church. She had no authority to do so . What she did was out of order.  She proceeded to rebuke the enemy by yelling and then she actually pushed me down and hurt me. I knew in my heart she was not operating in the Spirit but because I knew her for years I thought what harm would it be if she prayed for me. It was my mistakes because I truly felt assaulted from it and had to correct her in her obsessive feeling to help me. We have all kinds of emotions to deal with and many times they are not from the Lord. We have to step back and wait upon the Spirit to motivate us and never rush into anything. Trust me, if God wants you to do something He is quite capable of moving you to do it. As Pastors we have to keep watch over the motivation of the people in the church and have enough knowledge of how the Holy Spirit operates to keep things in the control of God and not man.

     Read the scripture above mentioned because it tells of discerning people by their fruits. We need to go back to what the nine fruits are and are we acting as such in the Holy Spirit! It can be dangerous when we are in the flesh just trying to be spiritual. The devil uses our emotions against us all the time and we really have to take the time to pray and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The gift of discernment is vital in the church today as evil lifts its ugly head more and more in this world. May we all walk with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


God Bless and I pray you receive the power of the Holy Spirit!


This was written under the unction of the Holy Spirit!


copyright by Lois Sharp: 2015

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