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                                                       I'm Interested




    You have lived your life alone wondering and waiting for a purpose. Day after day you contemplate your future and what will become of you. The daily ritual has become mundane and you hope for a change. It is almost unbearable as you get up each morning wishing for the chance to feel some sort of accomplishment. You are searching for some real answers to your questions about life. You think life is one big blunder and you are in it. I would like to take this chance to share with you some of my wisdom. I have been in existence for ever and have been aware of your life from the moment of your conception. Do not take this the wrong way when I tell you that your capacity to understand my existence is beyond your capability at this time. The level of intelligence you have been given has been very much compromised by the evil one. In saying that I will tell you plainly what it is all about. I will simplify life so you can grasp some comprehension as to why I actually created you and why I am interested in you on a personal level. Try to open your mind and listen what I am about to tell you. Let me start by saying I have loved you from the beginning of your life and before. In my heart I knew you because you were created by my very existence. We chose to make you in our image and likeness. That was not just a simple thought but much emotion was put into the process of creating you. We had to take our own existence and put our likeness into you. We decided to give you some differences in how you look so there would not be one other person who would be quite like you. Your face and your eyes and everything about you is unique. There will never ever be another person who will ever be quite like you. That part of your life has been so attacked by evil that most people have a complex about how they look. The world has decided what is beautiful and has taken that to the extreme and made my creation feel less valid by the way you appear. At first glance you have already been judged by the world. That is so unfair and so unnatural to me. Beauty truly lies within the soul of each individual. The package that some human beings are in is not so appealing to the eye but given the time to get to know someone you may find a totally different outlook after listening to who they really are. Can you see where society has gotten it so wrong? If I looked upon my creation and only focused on the flaws that have come into existence because of sin and evil I would pass by every one and never stop and see what you are all about. I am so interested in your life that you will never be the same again when you finally see me for who I truly am. You go on day by day doing what you need to do to exist without ever seeing me and how I play a role in your world. How do I exist in your realm and why are you alive? You are alive this very moment because I Am that I Am. I am the giver of all life and I am the one who decides when that life is to move on from the existing realm that it exists in. I decide when to spare a life from death and when to take the persons spirit and soul back to me. I do nothing that is not part of the purpose of my eternal existence for peace and love and joy. My existence was attacked by evil intentions and I have been in this battle for quite some time now. You were actually created to be part of this and to be part of my being in the battle of good and evil. I tried to keep you safe but I knew what the evil one would do and it was all part of my plan to deal with evil once and for all. Time to you has value but in eternity it is but a moment. Centuries come and go to me and time is all part of the purpose and plan for the redemption of man and the completing of the binding of evil. In all this where do you fit in? You fit in to my being. You are meant to be so one with me that we walk and talk together every day. Your understanding of me should reach a level of knowledge where it is common place to expect me to respond to your every need. I desire to be close to you. Can you see that? You are not supposed to feel abandoned by me ever. You should know I feel every tear that streams down your face when your soul feels upset. I created the tears to release stress and tension in the body. I placed each hair on your head. I am molding each of you into the image of my Son. Why would I do that? Because when I came into the world to save your souls I became part of the corrupt world you live in. I healed all who were in need and showed you who I was. I felt sorrow and pain as a human man. My heart has always been to keep you close to me where you will feel no sorrow or pain. You will one day be delivered from the existing world as you know it. I love you. Do you see that yet? I know every thing about you. I even know the wrong things you have done and will do. That does not change my love for you. Redemption has nothing to do with what you do or don't do. It has to do with accepting what I did to save your e from destruction. I know when you lose a hair off of your head. I can tell you how many tears you have shed throughout your life. I have them counted and will return you to a place where there will be no more tears. Will you let me in? I am interested in every feeling you have. I want to erase the feelings that have come to destroy you and replace them with my Spirit. Evil tries to mess up my plan all the time. He can not stop what I am doing with each of my children. I will walk with you every day of your life. Let me into to your world and make me a part of it. I assure you that you will never be disappointed when you become one with me and accept all that I desire to do for you. I watch you while you sleep so you will be safe from harm. I send my angels to stop many attacks from happening. You want to know why anything has to go wrong. This world has been compromised by evil. It will not change until the return of my Son. For now I have given you power through the Holy Spirit so you can learn and continue on with me. Battle is battle and there is a battle raging on planet earth. I will take back what is mine. You can be assured of that. Until my Son comes back your only weapon is to use the power I have given you. Allow my Holy Spirit into your spirit and He will make His abode with you. He will lead you to all truth. I will create in you a new heart that binds with mine. You will be in this world but you will never be part of it because this world is not the one I created. This world is the one the enemy has created and will continue until my Son comes back. Until then the battle will continue and you will learn how to win. There is victory for my children. The only way to be one with me is to believe on the Son. Let me into your soul. I am interested in every part of your life. Be aware of the enemy and stay away from all manner of evil. Remain pure in heart. Stay in my Kingdom where you will find safety. I love you with a love that the world can not understand. The world will never understand me or you. I am God!

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