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                                                               I Feel Sad





Why do I feel sad? I will tell you why I feel so sad in my life. I see the world and the eminent destruction that is coming. I have tried for years to reach out to people and tell them what is going to happen. Most ignore what you say because they are not interested in what will be. They only want what interests them at the time. Nobody wants to hear that this world as we know it is going to change for the worse. We only want to hear about wonderful things that will happen. Sorry to say but there is an anti Christ who will be coming into this world and take over. That event will not be stopped. Things have to play out according to God. My sorrow is the many who will not go with the Lord when He returns. They will be so ignorant to the truth and will close their hearts and ears and fall right into the enemies trap. It so frustrates me as a believer that I want to scream out, “ Why will you not listen and be saved from destruction”? Writing this is my way of screaming out to all who will listen. Jesus will be coming back for His people. We all need to decide whose side we are on in this battle. There will be no one who will escape and we will all be judged by God. We will either pass through judgment because of Christ or we will be judged and sentenced to eternal death. Is that what we really want? We had better wise up because time is running out and when it does it will be too late. Do not delay in your decision to follow Christ. You either believe and will obey or you will miss the boat. Those that miss the boat will drown. As a person I feel sad for the people who just do not care. I know what the outcome will be in my heart of hearts and it hurts my soul to see their demise. When warnings and signs are out there for all to see and they are ignored someone gets hurt. There will be no going back or escaping when it hits. When what hits? When evil hits with its rage and force. Without God we will all be doomed. Jesus is our only hope and we had better choose sides now before it is too late. If you do not know Him or if you are still living your life without Him you need to decide what your future will be. Will you stand by and watch the flood coming like they did with Noah. They were told and they laughed at him. Will you pay attention to what we are saying or will you be washed away into destruction. Please, I beg you to learn and turn away from this world into the Kingdom of God. Why am I sad? God loves you and does not want you to die an eternal death. Truth is truth and we need to find out what is the truth about the future of this country and the future of the world. Come into His Kingdom while there is time left. Once the door shuts it will not open. These are not my words but they come directly from the bible. Read these scriptures if you are searching. All of Matthew talks about the end coming and what will be the signs. It talks about what will be happening at that time and it continues to explain why people will not go with the Lord. There are conditions that will exclude a person from being with Christ. If you do not know if you are ready for His return you need to find out what you are doing with your life and why you are not sure about your future with God. I feel sad because of the people who would rather have fun now and take their chances about their future. That is not a wise choice. We never know when our day to stand before the Lord will be. The day we either die or the day of His return we should all be ready for it. Both can come suddenly without our being aware of it. Where do you want to be for eternity?

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