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I Saw You Crying My Child



     Do you think I can not see you when you are so distraught that you are weeping? I am with you for eternity and I know your heart. I see through the tough exterior as you mourn on the inside. You do not want to show your vulnerability and I understand your reasoning. Every one of my children have weakness that are hidden within their souls. You feel that if anyone knew how you really felt they would not accept you for who you are. That may be true but I am not like everyone else. I am your Father and I know the deepest secrets of your heart. I have created you in my image and likeness and I too have emotions. I have control of my feelings for if I did not I would destroy all that I created. Man has turned on me in such a way that it discredits who I am. Man has become his own God and will not acknowledge me for who I am. I am not some cruel task master who instills sorrow and pain on my creation. I have sent my only Son to rectify much of the damage that has been done but until my Son returns there will be sorrow. I am sorry to say it will not change until all is resolved. Can you see my side in all this? I have to watch you cry because you do not know how much I love you. I see many tears flow from my children each day as their sorrow exceeds their ability to cope. If you saw just a glimpse of heaven you would think differently. In my magnificence I have created a home for you that will bring joy to you forever. Those tears you shed will be forgotten and will never return again. It is but for a moment that you suffer but the glory that will be shown will be almost beyond your comprehension. Can you just stop for a moment and allow me to love you? Can you see me for who I really am. I am your Father for sure and I will comfort your heart. Listen to me while I tell you your life as it is will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. You will be transformed into a new glorious body without pain or sorrow. Get a grasp on that reality and those tears will soon subside. The tears you shed are for yourself. Your heart feels broken and you seem to have no way of escape. I am the way of escape for you if you step into my Kingdom. Walk with me today and share just a bit of my heaven. It is not impossible to walk with me. My Son made sure of your deliverance and you now have the ability to talk and be part of me. Open up your heart and let me in so I can take you away from your sadness. Accept my joy for your life. All is good and I do have a plan for each of my children. Keep your eyes on my Son and He will direct your path into the kingdom where you will see my Glory shining. It is the truth my child. Let go of this life as you know it and accept my life for you. My life brings joy and peace to all who find it. I am bringing it to you this day. I am reaching my hand down to you. Grab hold of it and let me love you. Your Father is speaking! 

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