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Inspiration For Our Souls





Oct, 22nd, 2014,

     We are not to panic as Christians. Why? God is in full control of it all. We are in school right now learning how to be affective soldiers in His army. Boot camp is hard in the flesh to over come. The training that is necessary for a man or women to get on the battle field is extensive. The body is pushed to its limits for endurance. The training is so the person can withstand all sorts of struggles when he is in battle. They are taught to over come their emotions just so they can fight an enemy that is looking to kill them. It is no different for us. In order for us to be soldiers we need to know how to fight the good fiight of faith as the bible calls it. How can we fight it if we wimp out. We can not. God keeps us motivated in our becoming like Jesus. The attacks come for real from the evil one but as we go through each trial we learn more and more how to fight and be victorious. It is a life long learning process to become like Jesus. We have no other choice because those that are the true children of God will succeed in becoming like Him, Jesus. It tells us in the word of the Living God. None of us are here by chance. We are all chosen to be part of the army and finish this task of putting evil away for good one day. We all play a role in it. Those who are just sitting back allowing evil to hurt them need to realize who they are. We are God's children and we will return with Christ in the clouds to take back planet earth. Those of us who are still alive when He returns will meet Him in the air. That is truth. Get ready because Jesus is coming back for us. We are His army and we are also called His bride. True love is what is happening! Our true love for Him and His true love for us. Nothing can seperate us from the love of God which is in Christ! That is worth living for! 


Oct. 23rd, 2014

     Are we just a bunch of wacky Christians who believe in this fantasy world of happiness and miracles? Are we hoping for something that is just not real? Anyone who looks at this world can plainly see there is good amd evil existing side by side. Good comes from somewhere and so does evil. If we really look beyond and can figure out the why to some of lifes situations we can see there are definate answers that come from prayer. Coincidences are situations that resolve themselves without any direct reason behind the outcome. When a person prays to God and asks something from Him and then the answer comes we can not put it in the category of coincidence as some would like to call it. My son was born dead over twenty Two years ago now and when the doctors could not revive him I prayed in the name of Jesus and came against death. At the very monet I said Jesus my son took a breath. There is no way that is a coincidence. He breathed when the name of Jesus was spoken. Just like the bible tells us to pray in the name of Jesus. Ask anything in my name Jesus told us and my Father will answer because we asked in His name. That does not mean we should all be just asking for everyhing we want in our selfish desires. We need to be lined up with God when we pray. Coincidence when prayers are answered juts does not cut it. God is in control down here and we as His children if we enter into His Kingdom will see many miracles. We are the ones who either realize there is a God or not. Those who want to feel they run their own lives will be given the chance to do so. God will allow the world to go right to hell if that is what they choose to do. He will keep reaching out with His love and truth until the itme is over and the Lord returns. We will the all give account of what we have done. I for one want to be with my Father, God. I am a believer. Are you? This is truth. 


Oct. 24th, 2014

     Love and discipline go together. When we love our children we correct them. The reason we correct them is because we are trying to teach them how to be decent people. It is no different with God. We do not like the thought of God disciplining us because we feel we have the right to do whatever we want. We are in control of ourselves. That is true but children too have the freedom to choose to obey or not. What do we do when they refuse to obey? We give a consequence.  We may not want to hear this but God too gives consequences when He is trying to teach us things that are necessary for our existence in His Kingdom. He will not let us go and He will allow us to fall on our face just so we will look up and see Him. To God this world is not what is supposed to be and He takes every thing that the devil does and uses it to His advantage. We may not see the whole picture but He does. God will not just love us and allow us to do whatever we want. Parents who do that are not really loving thier children. What they are doing is creating brats and the damage they create God has to undue. Children want to feel secure in knowing the parent has things under control. Discipline is the parent taking control of the childs behavior and showing them the correct way to live. That is what love is and that is exactly what God does. We can scream. cry, beg and even hate God and He will not give in. He will patiently wait for us to see Him for who He truly is. If we have to suffer until we acknowledge Him so be it. He does not like to watch us suffer but eternity is forever. This life is a short passge to heaven where we will dwell with Him. God is not turning out brats but children who obey and love Him. He is creating children who believe He loves them no matter what. We have to stop questioning His love for us and know it to be true. Until we can accept this life and know He is going to fix it we will rebel. God did not make this world the way it is. He is love and we need to get it. He is not going to let us do whatever we want. We have to do things His way in order to find true peace. The sooner we stop rebelling against Him the sooner we will find joy. If you have lost something you hold dear to yourself take another look and see what God's pupose may be. It is always good. We suffer because this world is corrupted. We will be free when Jesus comes back! There are certain victories down here too. We have to be on the same page as God is. Take a deeper look and see the truth! 


Oct. 25th, 2014

     Trust! Do we really trust? We say we trust in God but when we do not like what is going on what do we do? We freak out. We become anxious and we become fearful. Once we start to have fear there is no longer trust going on. When you believe what someone tells you you have confidence in it if you trust them. If God tells us certain things in His word we can trust it. It comes down to believing the bible is the word from God or not. If we believe the Holy Spirit wrote the word of God through men then we can read it and believe it. We have so many doubts down here that our actual trust level in God is not very good. We may want to believe it but in actuality we do not. We have to join forces as Christians and really pray that we get in one mind and one accord with our Father. Jesus prayed the prayer that we would all be one. Not one with this messed up world but one with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. If we open our hearts and actually become one with them we will trust them. We will no longer doubt that God really does love us! It is no different in a marriage that the two truly become one. The love is so strong that there is complete trust and by hanging out together for so many years you start to do the same things as your husband or wife. We laugh when we can finish sentences and know what the other one will say. It is actually truth that you become one. It is the same truth with God. We just do not know it yet. Let us all join together and pray that we truly will become one like we are supposed to be so we can know without a shadow of a doubt that we are on the winning team! We can not lose no matter what we go through down here. That is great news. Salvation from sin and this life is the best news you will ever here. There are exciting things ahead for us Christians. Those who really know the truth and allow God to really love them. God does know what is best for us and is the one who is leading us all to freedom! Have a great day! 


Oct., 26th, 2014

     When we run a race we look to finish first so we can receive the prize. The bible tells us we are in a race so why is it we are not running for the prize? We have no idea what the prize really is. If we really knew what we would receive when we run over the finish line we would run as fast as we could. I will tell you what the prize is and I hope you will believe my report. Spending eternity with Jesus is our prize and if you think that is not such a great reward you are so deceived. This life will end so what do we have on the other side? We have eternity somewhere. Two places that Jesus told us and I am sure most have heard of them. One is heaven and one is hell. Those that think hell will be one big party are dead wrong. Hell is total torment. The devil is not your friend and he will never be your friend. If you join his team you will go down with him but not only will you lose this war or lose this race as we say but you will suffer forever. He does not accept us and then we are his buddies. Evil has no buddies and will kill whoever gets in its way. There is only one place to strive for and that is with our true Father, God. We have to keep our eyes on the road and run for the prize that is waiting for each of us on the other side. We do not even have to come in first. It does not matter how long it takes us what matters is that we finish. Do not stray off the path just keep on heading to Jesus! He wll direct our path or journey that we are on. Why the Kingdom of God and nothing else matters is truth. Nothing you do in this life wil make you win this race. One thing will and that is accepting Jesus Those of us who know Him already need to keep that ecitement that we are running for a purpose! The reason we run is love! Love is our reason to follow Jesus! Let Him love you today and just keep moving forward! Look at the Son not the clouds. Have a great day! 


Oct. 27th, 2014,

     Do we really believe the bible at its word? If we truly feel that God has spoken to us by His Holy Spirit in this word that we call the bible we should all have read it and we should all be holding this truth to our hearts. If what God tells us is the absolute truth we should not leave home without it. If God loves us and tells us how we should live in this world with peace why is it we do things our own way? God loves us right? Does He love you? How much do we really believe in His love for us? If we truly believe we are loved by Him then it would only make sense that His word to us is only to help us live the lives we are meant to live. Why is it we are so far from Him in this world? The world wants to do its own thing. They do not want to accept that there is a God who has given us instructions on how to live. That would mean we are not the boss, He is. If you do have a boss who looks out for your best interest that is great! We do not really trust most authority over us. We seem to feel that we just might get back stabbed somewhere along the way. That is the way it is down here. God is not like us that way. He really does love us and has given us instructions on how to exist in this messed up world we allowed to happen. We have to start listening to what He tells us so we can become close to him and see that we are more like Him then we realize. God loves us. Do we love Him? That is the question we all need to answer. Do we really trust in His love for us or are we doubters? We do actually believe in something. We are either believers or we are not. If you have any doubt then you are not believing. Read the word and see for yourself if it makes any sense. The word is truth! We have to follow it so we can have peace. Only God would care enough to come down and take our place on the cross and instruct men to write His word down for us to follow. That is love! 


Oct. 28th, 2014

     Fear! I hate it! We all deal with fear at times in our lives. What do we do about it? Our emotions will very quickly respond to negative circumstances with fear and panic because we do not know what the outcome will be. Fear comes from not trusting in what is happening to us. We get that sensation that all is bad and what am I going to do about it. There are times when we can do nothing about it. This is where faith comes in. We really have to believe that God is on our side. We have to know we are loved by Him no matter what we go through. Down here our lives were compromised by the fall of man and it seems our lives are unpredictable. We do go through many sorrowful things and we have to accept the fact that this life will pass away one day. God still has the upper hand over evil and evil will be bound up one day. Whether we live or die we can not lose if we have accepted Jesus as our redeemer. In the name of Jesus we live in victory even if it looks like we are not. Stop looking to this world for your answers. We are in this world but not of this world. We have to remember this when life seems more than we can handle. Keep looking up towards heaven where we will be one day in peace and filled with love. Accept God's love now and stop being so afraid of today! Fear can be

avoided if we keep our focus on how much God really does love us! This is truth! 


Oct. 29th, 2014

     I pray that everyone can see God for who He really is. God gets a bad wrap down here and it really bothers me. We blame God for everything that goes wrong when in reality He is the one who comes and rescues us. Man and evil created this world we live in not God. God made paradise and we and the devil made this world as it is today. God allowed man with his free will to either listen to the instructions of his Father or follow his own lustful, rebellious desires. Disobeying God leads to our consequences of sorrow and pain. Listening to a fallen angel, the devil is really stupidity when you think about it. Never the less we do it all the time. Maybe we are ignorant to the devices of the evil one but that does not change the outcome of what happens when we follow him. God has been trying to be our Father since the beginning and we have pushed Him away since the beginning. It is so sad and when you finally get it you can understand what we have done to our Father God. All He ever wanted to do was to love us! We still push Him away by blaming Him for our every move. We make choices and we turn it back on God and blame Him for it. We think He is our puppet who should listen to our every request so we can have our flesh fulfilled. These flesh bodies have been one big hindrance since we fell out of grace. Sin has become our friend because it satisfies the flesh. Our soul and spirit are so messed up because of it and we do not have a clue what to do to fix it. God has the answers if we would only listen and stop blaming Him for our own rebellion. Whatever mess you are in because you disobeyed God can be fixed. You may have to wait if you have really messed things up for yourself. Some things can cause damage beyond repair without a miracle to fix it. Miracles do happen down here too but some of the fixing up will not occur until Jesus comes back. We

have to know we will be free one day and wait patiently for it to happen. Complaining about this life will only make you

more miserable than you think you are already. Being thankful for salvation is really more than enough. Any other blessings we obtain while we are here we need to know that we really don't deserve any of them. God loves us so much He can not help but bless us. Let's stop blaming God and start truly rejoicing because He is the one who saves us all the time whether we know it or not!


Oct. 30th, 2014

     Spiritual eyes! Try and look at this life the way God does. He saees things way different then we do. God has the entire picture before Him and He knows how things will end up. We do not, so we run scared many times. We need to trust in God every day! He really does have our best interest at heart. You may be in a terrible situation right now and there

seems no way out. You can not see the future so you can not figure out the solution to the problem. God sees the problem and the solution before they even happen. He knows how to lead you to victory! Just because it might take time does not mean we will not get beyond our situation. Most of us create our own issues and God still helps us out of them. He is the best parent we could ever have. Give Him some credit today as a Father! He loves you! He will never stop loving you either. It is up to us to believe it and focus on the love rather than the panic we may feel. God loves us! Keep saying it and believing it. It is truth and that truth will set us free! 


Oct. 31st, 2014

     It is Halloween today and most have no idea what the day actually means. We dress up and we all go out and collect our candy while the demons run ramped doing what they do best which is tormenting the childern of God. Every thing we do to celebrate this holiday has references to witch craft and we have no idea. There are so many things we are ignorant to that cause harm to our souls and we just follow the crowd. Ignorance to the law does not stop a police officer from arresting a person if they in ignorance break it. It is no different in this world if we enter into satans territory he welcomes us with torment and sorrow. Halloween today has just become a day where the children get candy but remember evil is always out there looking for ways to detroy us. I do not celebrate this holiday once I learned what it meant. Just watch out for any candy that may not be good. There are evil people in this world we live in. Keep your eyes open to the spiritual realm that does function all around us. Good and evil are still battling until Jesus comes back and finally evil will one day be bound for good. until that time we need to be aware of everything that is going on. Keep yourself safe by learning the truth. Once you know truth hold onto it with all that you are. Never let go of the fact that God loves you. He will never stop loving us! We are His children when we accept Jesus His Son. 


Nov. 1st, 2014

     When God looks at us He sees part of Himself. Being made in His image and likeness makes us like Him. What we look like on the outward does not compare to what we are on the inside. Beauty can be deceptive in its own way. You can be gorgeous to look at and be a nasty person. If we would only take the time to see people for who they really are. God sees our soul and He loves us for who we are on the inside. We all want to be beautiful to look at but we are not all body beautifuls. If you have beauty sometimes you depend on that to be who you are and how pople perceive you. That is not a good thing because we all grow old and that beauty does not last on the outside when those wrinkles start to show. If you just look at yourself in the mirror and do not see your inner beauty you wil be very disappointed one day. Take a look at who you really are and accept yourself for how you look. Even if the world does not think you look too good on the outside that does not matter. What matters is how God sees you and me. We all need to know that God loves us just the way we look. Make sure the image of who you are is true. True beauty is from within and do not let anyone take it away. We are all beautiful in the sight of God and should be the same to one another. Short, tall, fat, thin none of it really matters. God loves all of us so have a great day meditating on that today. Mistakes and all He loves you.


Nov. 2nd, 2014

     Do you love Jesus? Hearing about Jesus and how He loves us, does not mean we love Him. If you could not answer that question immediately then you do not know Him. To love Jesus we have to know Him. Having a relationship with someone and falling in love takes spending time getting to know the person. We need to love Jesus not just know He loves us. To be the bride that we are called as the church we have to develop a relationship. Jesus is looking for a passionate relationship with us. Passion comes with any two people who are supposed to be in love. Without passion for one another the relationship is dead. What do I mean by passion. I mean the desire to be with the person all the time. To want to spend time sharing your soul with them. Being so in love that it hurts to be a part. Not wanting to be away from one another. The joy when you are with this person makes life worth living. When was the last time you felt that about anyone. That is love and most of us never truly find it. If you have that kind of a human relationship you know what I am talking about. It is so wonderful to experience such love with someone. It is not based on sex either. It is love that transends any of of these human needs we have. It becomes spiritual as well as physical. With our Lord it is total spiritual and we join together with Him and become one. That may sound too much for some but it is truth. if you really love Jesus you will feel this passion for Him and desire to have fellowship every day. It is not just a Sunday deal and you can not live without Him when you really fall in love with passion for Him. Your life will never be the same again! True love comes from God and it is meant to join people's souls together in one mind and one accord. We have to be willing to open our hearts to Jesus so He can touch our very souls. If you want true love you can find it in Jesus! All you have to do is ask Him to be part of your life. Be so in love with Him that you follow His ways and you will have true peace.The peace that this world can not understand. I will end with this. Are you in love with Jesus? If you do not know Him with that kind of a relationship it is time and He has been waiting for you to see Him for who He truly is! Have a blessed day!


Nov. 3rd, 2014

     Rejoice in the Lord even if you do not feel like it today! Rejoice means to acknowledge God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with  joyfullness. The joy is because Jesus set us free, the Holy Spirit is the one who comforts us and the Father is our

Father who made it all happen for us! We have to learn to look at this life as a passing through to where we will be totally free one day! This world is what our disobedience made it. God in His wisdom is going to fix it and is leading all of His children to the truth. We are learning all the time who we are and we will become like Jesus! Reject sadness and accept joy! It really is our choice whether to accept joy or not. We can, no matter what we go through, know we are loved! That truth will make you feel happy. If we accept this life and stop feeling sorry for ourselves we can have joy. If we get our eyes off of ourselves and onto the Lord we will love Him and feel His love for us! Have a great day!


Nov. 4th,2014

     Do you know how we believe in something? We hear it over and over again and it sinks into our souls. Whether it is right or wrong we will hear it and make a choice to believe it or not. When we are young we are not sure what is truth so we usually accept what our parents tell us. We have blind faith when we are young. Until we get burned by finding out that not everything we were told is truth we will accept it. Our souls have to hear truth over and over again to be able to determine if we believe it or not. We have to decide whether what we hear is lie or truth. We as the children of God have to determine whether we believe the bible is truth or not. If we do not know what the bible says because we have not read it then how can we believe it? We can only believe what we have heard. We have to know truth. I know certain truths because I have heard and I have believed and I have seen it happen. I have seen miracles first hand and know they happen. I have prayed and have seen God step in and change a situation that could not have been. Situations that we try to call coincidences. I am a believer because I accepted His word and acted on it and saw it happen. How about you? Truth is truth whether we believe it or not. God's truths will come to pass and the world will one day know it is real. It will be too late to accept Jesus when He returns in the clouds because even evil will know the truth and be bound up. Now is the time to believe and accept Jesus because He will come back again in judgement, so we will not have the chance to accept Him at that point in time. Our fate will be sealed if we let time pass by and ignore the signs that God is showing mankind. We are His children and we need to believe it and love Him as our Father, God. Have a great day! Believe what the Spirit is saying to the churches! 


Nov. 5th, 2014

     Anger is something we all have felt. Until we are able to move past what has caused the anger we will keep feeling that way. We either have to forgive or realize it is not worth feeling that way about. When we get angry it is either at the person who caused those feelings or we get angry at who we think is in charge over this life. which is God. In every situation we are angry at someone. We can even be angry at ourselves. God is never guilty so we can stop being mad at God for the mess down here. We did it to ourselves by disobeying Him. This world and people who hurt us are not God's fault. The real anger needs to be at the one who did this. The devil is the one who wants to destoy us so let us come at Him with all we got! We have a power within us given by God called the Holy Spirit who will give us the ability to find peace in the middle of all this mess. We can recognize that this life has sorrow and we will not escape it. We will all have trials and tribulations until we get out of here. Once we realize it we look at each situation with different eyes. Go to God if you have anger. We can all find peace inspite of whatever situation you are in. Let God help you today instead of

being mad at Him. If someone has offended you talk to them about it. Take the anger and let God help you let it go. It is not worth holding onto. We do feel justified at times and we are but do not hold onto anger for too long. It really does mess us up in our emotions.  Have great day and be peaceful in knowing God loves us very much! 


Nov. 6th, 2014

     Trust in the Lord with all of your heart! That is the only way to live in this world with peace. Life throws us some fast balls and some really curved ones that we have no idea which way they are coming. Do not look at life and only see the negatives. We must see that God is preparing us to be the bride of Jesus! It will all be worth it when He comes and takes us with Him. We are the children of the Most High! Rejoice in that and be glad. Let's start acting like we are children of the King! Have a great day!


Nov. 7th, 2014

     I kiddingly said to my husband last night," How are we all going to get along in heaven?" Without a delay he said to me," We will all  agree." I thought about what he said and realized we will all be in one mind and one accord. We will all be one with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There will no more arguments and disagreements because we will see God

for who He is and completely trust Him. That is why God is perfecting us now so we will never turn on Him the way satan did. He is not taking any chances of bringing in people who are not sure of what they believe. The importance of knowing the truth is vital to our existence. We have to be totally committed to our Father, God. The testing is here and now to see who our allegience is to. The luke warm children of God will not make it in. Why. because God is looking for a few faithful people who understand the importance of our lives and the relationship we are meant to have with Him is supposed to happen right here on earth. There is no maybe so in this. There is only the truest of love that will prevail. Those who are not on fire for God will fall into the devils trap. We have to know truth in this and waver not. Is that too much to ask of us? No, because we have been given help from above by the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God will lead us to all truth and we will be the truest children of God. Evil hates love and will never understand it. We will see true love in Jesus and will follow Him right into the kingdom of God! Are you ready to really believe it? There is one side or the other to be on. I want to be on the winning team not just to win but just because I love the Lord with all of my heart and soul. Are you in love with the Lord? Think about it because your life depends on it. Our lives depend on following Jesus! This is truth and I pray you hear it and believe it. Get on fire with some real passion for the Lord today! He was passionate enough to go to the cross for us! Just love Him for who is! He is a King with a Kingdom! 


Nov. 8th, 2014

     Take each day as it comes and deal with it. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us so the best way to cope is to stay focused on today. The holidays are coming and for some they are great and for some they bring sorrow. Do not focus on yourself during Christmas but think of Jesus being born. Although we have found out Dec. 25th is not His real birthday the world celebrates the day. Rejoice that our Saviour was born. It is a time to accept Christ as our Lord! Truly love Him and find joy in that relationship. Knowing Jesus is the greatest gift we could ever receive. My life has had its ups and downs but I would not change a thing because everything I have been through has brought me closer to God. Isn't that what this life is really all about? This is truth! Have a great day!




Nov. 9th, 2014

     We are all flawed and we usually feel quite uncomfortable about that. We know in this life we are judged by people so when we notice our flaws we do our best to hide them. We put up what is called a mask to hide our true identity. Those that do not care what people think flaunt their flaws and we all do pass judgement on them for the brazen attitude of acting the way they do. None of us approve of the way most people act so we stay away from those who do not act like we do or share the same flaws we have. The saying birds of a feather flock together is so true. If we would just be honest with one another and realize we all do have issues we would get along much better. The first time we got a pimple when we were teenagers blew us away. We did not want anyone to see the flaw on our face. Why? We knew we would be made fun of. Our face was no longer without blemish. We are no longer without blemish in this life. We might as well get used to it and stop condemning ourselves for the flaws. God loves us, flaws and all and will heal us if we are truthful. Some things we can not help but some things we can change. We need to know when to act to change something and when to trust God to step in and help us. We all need a little help from time to time so we should stop judging one another and recognize we have blown it down here. Jesus will come and fix the mess we and the devil made. If that is not love, then what is? Have a great day! 




Nov. 10th, 2014

     Praise the Lord! We get so annoyed at times we do not feel like praising the Lord. As a matter of fact we get mad at God for the situations we go through. Trust is a very important word and we have to either trust God or we do not. When we complain we are really not trusting God at all. We decide that we do not like what is happening and we blame God for it because we know He has the power to change anything. If God loves us and is not changing a situation it is for a greater purpose then we know. There is more to this life then meets the eye. We are being groomed to be the bride of Jesus as the church. What kind of a bride do we think Jesus deserves? I do not think He wants a nagging wife. It is time for all of to stop compalining about whatever situation we are in and get a real focus on what is important. What is important is loving God no matter what. The way He loves us in spite of ourselves. Jesus is looking for people who will stop asking selfishly in this world and just want to be with Him. When we really put the Lord first He can give us the desires of our heart in this world. Why would God allow us to be so consumed by ourselves that we end up in hell. Hell right here and hell after we die. Every time we put self first we jeopardize our relationship with our Lord. Is that we what we really want? We need to take a step back and appreciate the fact that we have a Father who will not listen to our temper tantrums but follow what is best for us. Waiting for answered prayer can be a blessing whether we know it or not. Start thanking the Lord for unanswered prayer, it just may be a life saver for you. Have great day! 


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