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    This emotion comes once in awhile when we are happy about something going on in our lives. We rarely experience it without some kind of help from alcohol, drugs or any other input we have to enhance our ability to be happy. Joy is when we feel that life is good and we are just having fun. We really do not have any idea what it is to be joyful no matter what. We are so programmed to life that without stimulation we are miserable. We look to life for the answers and sometimes we find them and sometimes we don't. I can tell you from experience the way to have joy has nothing to do with life. This life let's us down all the time and we are up and down with our emotions. When we are sad we want to cry. When we are overwhelmed with sorrow our souls withdraw and are then in battle with our emotions. There is really only one lasting way to find true joy in this world. Joy comes in knowing the truth about who we are as the children of God. When we realize who God is and why we are here we can then see life for what it is. Life is being used by God to perfect us and make us like Jesus. We are the sons and daughters of God and as any parent He is teaching us how to be decent human beings. When we stop fighting that and just love God we find peace and then happiness comes in knowing we are loved no matter what. Every mistake we make is a way of learning how to be true to God. We fail the tests of life many times but we finally will get it. We are told that we will become like Jesus. Maybe you do not want to be like Him. The choice is ours to choose but if you do not, life for you will be quite miserable. Eternity is a long time and we either spend it with Jesus or not. Joy comes from loving God and just sharing that truth in our heart makes us happy. We know there is a way of escape from all this sorrow down here one day. While we are here we can have joy with our Father. We can experience His love and be content in that. The world and all it has to offer becomes secondary to a relationship with the God of the universe. We stop being selfish and we want to please our Father. Every time we accomplish something we are thankful and we become joyful. Joy is an expression of contentment just in knowing who we are as the children of the Most High God. Do not accept anything less than being happy. I do not care what you have been through or how your life is right now. You can rejoice in the Lord if you stop thinking of yourself and see Jesus for who He is. Allow the Holy Spirit to set you on fire for God and you will see how joyful it is! I know because it has happened to me in spite of my sufferings. The sufferings end up taking second place to the relationship we have with our Father. Let go and let joy permeate your being today! Your life will never be the same again! This is truth! Grab hold of it and be happy. 

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