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                                                           Just Do It



     I remember when I was a child how my mom would tell me “ Because I said so.” It was obeying her and when I would question why she was telling me to do something she would just say because she said so. It really angered me because her authority as my parent really bothered me when I was being told to do something I did not want to. I think we all can remember those times when we had to obey our parents whether we wanted to or not. If we did not obey then we paid the price or the consequences. Every household had their own set of rules and punishments. My family had to sit in chairs and we did get spanked on occasion. We were truly afraid of getting in trouble because we did not want to get spanked or have to sit in a time out. There are those families where the children run the show because the parents just do not want to deal with the outcome. They do not want to have a temper tantrum take place or they do not want to make the child feel bad. We all grew up in different ways and we end up becoming adults. Some of us are spoiled adults because our parents never really took charge and taught us what was right and wrong. My mom, God rest her soul did take authority and it made me angry. I can look back now and see how love and discipline have to go together for us to end up feeling secure in this life. Too much freedom makes a child insecure and too much discipline without love makes a child feel guilty all the time. We grow up and keep these feelings unless we realize what went wrong and God heals the soul. I want to make this clear because we all have that rebellious nature to not like being told what to do. We really do not like rules that we might feel have no purpose. The problem is as a child we can not understand the purpose and we always feel the parent at times is being mean or inconsiderate of your feelings. My point is that we do this very same thing with God. As our Father he has given us rules to follow and we feel He has made some of these rules without a clue as to the suffering we have to deal with if we follow them. We think He is just up in heaven having no idea what we are going through. This is our mistake. In our human rebellious state we can not comprehend the mind of God and never will. He has given us rules to live by not so we can be miserable but so we can have peace. The world has convinced us that it has all these pleasures for us to experience and we need to enjoy as many as we can. Even though many of life’s pleasures are not good for us we have believed the report of life. We are determined to have fun no matter what. If we like it it must be good. Children think that way and they get hurt because of it. Children do not have the mental capability to decide all the time what is best. We know this by their actions. It is no different from us and our decisions when God tells us different. We have to recognize His authority and His goodness. God is not mean He just knows more than we do. He has our best interest at heart even when we do not see it. Children want to eat the whole cake but when we tell them no you will get sick we know better. God too knows better. When He tells us something is bad and we think it seems good we need to just obey without question. We need to trust in a Father who would not lead us astray. If we can get to the point in our lives when we just trust God then we can find true freedom. Many people think that becoming a Christian you have no more fun. The world offers all these pleasures and God tells us they are not good for us. Is He right or is He wrong? Who is right in this? Being a Christian is far from boring if you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. If you are into religion and ceremony rather than a relationship then yes it is boring. Doing the church scene and getting nothing out of it is really boring. Unless you connect with your Father then it is just a routine you follow because you are supposed to. I am not a follower of Jesus because I am supposed to. I am in love with God my Father. I love Jesus and I have the Holy Spirit in my being who directs me every day. The Kingdom of God is right here on earth and is operating around us all day long if we only take a look. You can only see it with spiritual eyes because it is not of this world. We are in this world but we are really not part of this world. That means we live here with every body in this world but we walk in the Kingdom of God and function as part of that Kingdom. God does have a Kingdom and it is more real than this world. His Kingdom will go on for ever. This world as we know it will end. The point in all this is if God tells us not to do something we should trust Him and listen. If He tells us to do it we should just do it. Loving one another is something He tells us to do. We most of the times do not want to. You want to be free? There is only one true way to be free in this life. That is through Christ. His rules are only to set us free. God does know what is best for us even if we feel he does not. Most of our parents did know right from wrong and taught us. Let us today open our hearts to the true Parent, God our Father. He loves you and will only do what is best for you even when you do not know it.

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