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Let God be God



I was in prayer a few weeks ago and something struck me. I realized that we as human beings have never really let God be God. Let me explain what I mean by this. Adam was created in the image and likeness of God. That is what bible believing people accept. We also accept that Eve came from Adam and they lived in what we would call Paradise. This is acceptable. Now this is where I realized that we just blew it. God asked them to stay away from the tree with the knowledge of good and evil. Is that such a hard thing to do? Did they really want to know what evil was all about? It seems like a fare deal when you have everything you could possibly dream of. God was their Father and He ultimately had the say in everything. All God wanted to do was love them and have fellowship with them as His children. So what was the big deal that man had to go beyond the scope of what God wanted for them. You see I realized we just can not let God love us and take care of us. From the beginning we just had to do it our own way. We were so easily led by a stranger who came in and contradicted what God had told them. We always feel the need to go beyond what we are and become what we feel is important. We already had authority in the Garden of Eden so why would we listen to this snake who out right lied. Did they really take his word for it rather than their Father? Why would they do it? It all started there and escalated into the world we live in today. It went from one generation to the next with rebellion after rebellion. You would think by now we would have learned our lesson in not listening to our Father God. But no we continue to view life as our own without any accountability to a God who is our creator and has the say in everything. This is where we blow it because we just do not let God be God. We have to be in control of our own lives and we do not want to be told what to do. If we would just get it that all God wants to do is take care of us and love us we would stop fighting His will for our lives. God rescued His people over and over again and they continued to be rebellious brats as I would call them. When will we get it? God loved us enough to send Jesus into the world to rescue us so I think it's about time we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take a step back and appreciate the life giver. Let God love you and stop being angry because life can be disturbing. It is not God's fault the way it is here and He is the one who is going to fix it. It is time to praise God for who He is and stop praising ourselves.

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