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Life, Death, Life


     It was a day as any other day when Linda was getting ready to have a baby. She was thrilled because she waited for many years to get pregnant and it was almost time to have the baby. She was a Christian who truly believed that God had spoken to her heart a message about this child. He had shown her in a vision that this child would be born. She already knew without any tests that she was going to have a boy who would be strong in stature, have a heart for God and would be very much like his Father. Knowing all of this was excitedly but the proof would be when the child was born.























     Linda had faith but when the day came and she went into labor all hell broke loose. Her water broke and they were off to the hospital. To make a long story short Linda's water broke but she had not gone into full blown labor yet. They had to keep her in the hospital so bacteria would not get in so she heard many of the other women giving birth with their cry’s of pain and anguish. All of this waiting and listening to others suffering began to wear on Linda. Fear started to grip her as she knew it would be her time for suffering soon. The labor finally did begin and it was painful and tiring. Linda was trying to have a natural child birth but Linda began to feel the need to push the baby out before she was fully dilated. In other words you can not push the baby out yet even though you feel like it. The task of having to control the urge was almost impossible and Linda grew weary very quickly in this process. She tried to go into a bathtub setting to relax her body but she slipped and almost went under the water. That upset her even more as the labor progressed and became more and more painful. Linda wanted this to be over but nature has a way of making you wait it out. After trying for hours to suppress this urge of pushing she finally decided to take something for the pain. It was no longer an option for her to have this baby naturally. She was done with the suffering.





















      They took her into a room and gave her a spinal and decided to induce the labor. She was all for this because she was quite fearful at this point and wanted to be free from all this suffering. Her thoughts were to just get this baby out. Any body that has had a child knows what Linda was going through. There is no way out accept to birth the baby. The epidural worked and Linda felt like she was in heaven feeling total relief from the pain. The mid wife finally told her she was ready to bring this child into the world. Linda was totally numb but she just used all of her strength to birth this baby. During this process she had an out of body experience. For a moment in time she had no idea where she was or what she was doing. She had to concentrate and ask herself what was going on and then she remembered she was delivering a baby. She was then back in her body as she continued to give birth. The baby was just about to come out and the nurse urgently told her she had to hurry up and push the baby out. There was a bit of panic in the voice of the nurse at that point so Linda just gave one last push and the baby came out. They grabbed the baby as fast as they could and put him up on the table. In all the confusion Linda listened to what was being said. She heard the words”This baby is dead”. She listened once again and heard the same words as if to finalize the outcome. Linda then asked " what did I have". and they told her a boy. She looked into her husbands eyes and he said” My baby is dead?” At that point from within her very soul welled up righteous anger because she knew that God had told her about this child and how could he tell her how he was going to be if he was to die. None of it computed in her heart. What happened next was miraculous! From within her being Linda looked over at her breathless son and said”: My baby is not going to die in the name of Jesus.” The nurses turned their heads at her as if to say you are nuts lady. Just as the name of Jesus was spoken the lifeless infant took a breath. An angel of the Lord held the spirit of this child until the name of Jesus was spoken and the spirit was returned to the body. How do we know this because the child remebered the angel when he was about three years old and explained to the mother how the angel caught him. God brought life back to this child for His glory.

     Linda was hemorrhaging at this same time and they prayed for that to stop in the name of Jesus and it did. You see God is merciful and true to Himself. When He tells you something that is going to happen He makes sure it comes to pass. Linda witnessed the power of God that day and is for ever grateful for being able to share in her sons life. He is strong in stature, has a heart for God and is like his Father. This is a true story! Think about it! Have a blessed day!


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