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 Look Through My Eyes



March 8,2014



My Dearest Children,


I have to write this letter so you can understand who I Am. For just one minute I would ask you to look through my eyes. I want you to truly see what I see. As hard as that may seem to you my heart is within your person. If you take a step out of this world for just one minute and focus on where I am you will look at everything you see with a totally different perspective. Life has convinced many that I have no true feeling as I watch the torment that goes on day by day. Fear has entered the hearts of my children as they know I hold the keys to life and death. You do not see everything I see. That creates blinders in your emotions and your faith. Watching life go by with all the sorrows and disappointments is not how I desire for my children to live. I too have to watch the enemy play games with my creation. I have to be in control as he jumps in with his attacks and tries to disrupt my outcome for you. I gave him power and he chose to use it against me. I want you to change how you see this world. I want you to take a moment and look around you at all the beauty I have placed right in font of you. Life and death are in my hands and in both I have given victory to my children. Each and every trial you deal with only brings you closer to me. You ask how can that be? When you are weak you have no choice but to turn to another who is stronger for inspiration. When there is no solution to the problem I am the one who can change the circumstance. That is where I desire for you to trust in me. It is not so hard to realize that I truly do love you. There is enough evidence in this world to see that I had a part in creation. The beauty did not just come out of thin air. I spoke and it was so. Each flower petal and every snow flake has a unique design that I created just for you to see. I too am saddened by the way this world is operating. The cruelty and the disconcern for each and every person is truly a sin. Loving one another is the only solution to this world but it will never happen as man kind has become too self involved to even recognize me any more. Only my people will come to the cross and repent and allow me to clean them up and make them beautiful for the groom. This is total foolishness to the world as they will bow down to no other but themselves. The time of worship to a King has been so far lost that it is hard to even imagine giving allegiance to one. My Son is King and is to be honored and worshiped. He died for all man kind if they would only believe that. They will not but you my child will. Now let us reason together about life. This is what I see every day. I see the sun rise in the east and set in the west just because I said so. I see the winter fade away and the snow melt as the spring breeze comes in. As the snow melts into the ground I watch the flowers come to life as they burst up from the ground and grow into all kinds of beautiful colors and shapes. With their sweet smelling fragrance to permeate the air so all can smell the different aromas I have created just for you to experience. The life I see in you my son and my daughter are like the spring breeze coming in as you wake up and grow in spiritual knowledge of me and my Kingdom. I also see each day the breath of life I have breathed into each of my children. I see the love you share with one another as I smile and say to myself. “That is my child”. I watch the animals living their lives for your enjoyment too. Everything I have created in your world is for your pleasure. Do you know that? It is for our pleasure my child. The enjoyment you are supposed to have with me as your Father. Are you beginning to see just a bit more how I see things? I look at each negative tragedy as you would call it a chance for you to see that eternity is way more powerful then this life and the fleetingness of it. All is truly vanity as Solomon says as there is nothing under the sun that fulfills the soul. The only thing that fills the soul is my Son and my Son alone. There are beautiful things in this world that I have placed for your pleasure but never take your eyes off of the cross. That is the way into the Kingdom here and now. Start looking at the end of the story where we all meet in the air and come and take back this world from evil. Stop and smell the flowers and remember who created them. Take a step back and talk to me and allow me to comfort your soul. I am not way up in heaven where you can not find me. I am right inside your heart where my Holy Spirit dwells in my children. The world does not want me so I have not given my heart to them. Only you my children have my heart. Keep watch for your redemption draweth nigh. Remember to look through my eyes and see what I see. I love you now and forever. Spring is just around the corner. Keep your eyes on life not death. Love Always, Your Father

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