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A Mother's Love




      We always here about God and how much He loves us. We relate God to a Father's love and never really think about the love we feel when we are Mothers. I will in my humanity with the help of the Holy Spirit explain the love of a Mother.

The love of a Mother is when the child stands in front of you with all of his or her fury and blurts out the words “I hate you.” With a smile the Mom does not return anger with anger but simply reassures the child that they are loved in spite of their actions with the words, “I still love you.” The child looks in shock at the control and at that moment has been shown patience and understanding for the frustration that led them to this anger. This is a lesson in feelings that are fleeting and can be deceptive even to oneself. The mother continues to discipline the child even though the child has become so upset they go into a full blown temper tantrum. Mom once again steps in and tells the child to calm down and it will be alright. The final words from Mommies lips are your behavior is not acceptable and when you calm down we will talk about it. She peacefully walks away and allows the child time to experience the feelings and come to his or her own realization about what created this issue. As the child sits there on the floor reality hits when the child sees that all of this could have been prevented had they listened to the parents instructions in the first place. The parent did not abandon them in their time of disobedience but stood by them with correction and instruction. The love that is shown is just what the child needed at that moment. Discipline and patience. Love without discipline is not true love. It is actually a human weakness when we can not speak out to them with correction. Parents who say they love their children and just want to be their buddies mistake the role they are supposed to play. We are not to be buddies with our children. We are to lead them into the path that God intends for them and correct with consequences for their behaviors when they fail to be obedient. We should never create an atmosphere of guilt but they must know the difference between right and wrong. Love corrects and does not let things slide by because it is easier to just allow the child to do whatever they want.


A Mother does not buy the child a toy every time they go into the store to keep them from acting out. The child needs to learn that life is not one big reward and we need to do the right thing regardless of whether we get something for it or not. Controlling our passions is essential in living in this world with peace and harmony. That sounds a bit cornball but it is true. If we all burst into temper tantrums every time we did not get our own way it would be a disaster. Children then need to learn this . The way they learn this is by being disappointed at times and handling it without anger. I have learned over my years in my walk with God as a Mom that you have to roll with the punches so to speak. In other words life has some punches and we have to handle each one without allowing it to destroy us. If we know the word of God we know already all things are supposed to work out for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. We are predestined to be conformed into the image of Christ so if we do not teach our children to be children of God then as adults we will have to learn it by the discipline of God. God does discipline us whether we want to hear that or not. Let us as Mom’s and Dad's begin showing our children what it is to be a true child of the Most High.

If you saw a person ready to fall off a cliff would you not try to stop them? A Mom tries to stop many disasters from happening by stepping into the picture. As children it seems unfair but as an adult is is the right thing to do. God as our Father has the love of a Mom and Dad and He will always choose the right discipline for us. We may disagree but He will not back down to our temper tantrums when He knows what will be accomplished by our learning what is necessary to be a loving human being.



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