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My Love


     Jonathan and Sarah were now in their nineties and had been married for many years. They were still deeply in love with one another and their marriage was truly blessed. “Time seems to pass by so quickly in this world”, said David to Louise one night as they were getting ready to go to bed. All of their children were grown and had children of their own. David leaned over and gave his wife a tender kiss on the lips and she smiled back at him and gently patted his cheek with her hand. You will always be my superman she told him as they both got into bed and pulled the covers over their shoulders. “Life has been good to us hasn’t it”, said David. Louise agreed and she reached to hold his hand. The passion between them had never left their marriage in all the years because the love they shared was genuine.


True love never fails and becomes deeper and more intense as time goes on. The joy in knowing you are loved is so precious. Please don’t take for granted those that love you and share a moment today and tell them how special they are to you. David and Louise fell asleep in each others arms cherishing every moment of life they had with each other. Love one another! Think about it! Have a great day!

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