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Our Adversary



     What is an adversary? The dictionary tells us that an adversary is an unfriendly opponent. Unfriendly is a hostile person which means according to the dictionary one who is opposed in feeling, action or character. It means to be warlike. We have all I am sure met people like this over the years. For no apparent reason they just do not seem to like us. We may not have even done a thing wrong but they just come against us in every way they can. It almost seems like they enjoy arguing or attacking your person. What about an enemy that we can not see who hates us with a hatred that we as human beings find hard to even believe. Our ignorance only puts us at a disadvantage to the attacks that are endless in his quest to destroy us. Most of us have heard of the devil and some believe in him and some do not. As Christians we better believe or we will be the ones getting punched in the ring of life. Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that the thief (devil) comes only to steal and kill and destroy: but I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. Those three words describing what the devil does is not good for us. We tend to read scriptures and just keep on reading without really taking to heart what is being told to us. Without that knowledge you are in the dark in this life. You are wandering around without a clue as to what to do unless you are aware that you are in this battle between good and evil. Just about every movie we have ever seen has a conflict between good and evil. Our lives revolve around it and we live it every day whether we see it or not. I do not believe there are any people who would not acknowledge that evil does exist. Bad things just happen without any explanation. We get angry when they do and we wonder why. We may even look up to God and say a few words questioning Him. We usually never get an answer unless we are in touch with the Holy Spirit who can comfort the soul and allow us to understand that God uses every thing we go through for the greater purpose. It is a matter of realizing that God is not at fault for this fallen world and He is the one who is in the process of dealing with evil. Evil will ultimately be put away at the right time. We really have to believe that God is in control and will end this battle that was started in heaven. We really do not fully understand that we were created to be part of God's army to help fulfill the mission of good over evil. Keep learning who you are. We have all kinds of weapons to fight off evil if we read the bible and learn about them. There are other teachings that you can find on the web. Keep your eyes open to temptations that come your way to make you fall into sin. Sin is not your friend and is not for your pleasure. It is for one purpose and that is destroy you. There is no sin that is fun. You may think so at the time until your soul feels the after shock. The after shock I mean is the torment we feel because we have put our souls at jeopardy by allowing ourselves to disobey our Father. Guilt will come and depending on the sin you may fall into bondage and not be able to escape it. Our only defense is to stay in the Kingdom of God where we are protected and where we will learn how close we really are to God. We are one with our Father if we recognize our true Father. We look just like him. Jesus said that he who sees me sees the Father. That is because He acted and looked like His Daddy. We are no different other than the fact that we sin. He did not sin making Him the perfect sacrifice for us. His sinless life and His giving up His life for us allows us to be one with the Father too. Is that hard to believe? Take a look at the reality of evil in this world. We can see clearly that evil functions all the time. If evil is real than good must be just as real. Good comes from God and evil comes from the devil. Come into God's Kingdom and see how we can escape much of the evil attacks by following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Do not be ignorant when it comes to the enemy who lurks in the dark seeking to knock you off your feet. There is victory for us and we will become like Jesus. Why, because the bible tells us we were predestined to be conformed into the image of Jesus. The scripture is in Romans 8:29. Know your adversary the bible tells us. Why? So we can prevent many of the attacks by being aware and staying out of sin. Prayer will stop or change many things the devil wants to do. He wanted to destroy Peter after Jesus was crucified but Jesus told Peter that He was praying for him. It stopped what could have emotionally destroyed Peter. Judas went and hung himself after he betrayed Christ. Peter went on to be a great Apostle of the Lord. Prayer is very vital is our lives as Christians. Take the time to intercede for one another. Life is beautiful when we walk with Jesus as our Lord. Even through the trials we go through life is still beautiful because we know we will finish this race with the Holy Spirit urging us to keep going. Jesus will be with us always. That means He will never leave us no matter what we go through. Never take your eyes off of Him and His love for you. Love never fails and we are on the winning team. Evil does not tell the truth but God can not lie. Follow Jesus He will lead you into His Kingdom which is absolutely unbelievable. It is unbelievable because it is so wonderful our minds find it hard to believe it. Listen to your heart because your Father is speaking to you today!

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