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Our Ultimate Mistake


Taking Credit for the Gifts of God

All healing, miracles or any other manifestations of the Holy Spirit must glorify God and not the person.

It is the Holy Spirit who wills and distributes His Gifts for the common good.
Pride comes from the enemy. Do not let pride get a hold on you because you have some kind of power.

Keep yourself under authority in the church.

Read 1 Corinthians 12


4 But there are diversities of gifts, however The Spirit is One. 5 And there are diversities of ministries, however, THE LORD JEHOVAH is One. 6 And there is a diversity of miracles, but God is One who works all in every person. 7 But the revelation of The Spirit is given to each man as He helps him. 8 There is given to him by The Spirit a word of wisdom, but to another the word of knowledge by The Spirit; 9 To another faith by The Spirit; to another the gift of healing by The Spirit; 10 But to another, miracles and to another, prophecy; to another discernment of spirits; to another, kinds of languages; to another, translation of languages; 11 But all these things, that One Spirit does and distributes to every person as he pleases.
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